The -BRC Sound Lounge- seeking groovy new campers... feeling groovy punk?

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The -BRC Sound Lounge- seeking groovy new campers... feeling groovy punk?

Post by Lynx_Medicine » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:15 am

Howdy all!

Lynx from the -BRC Sound Lounge- here to let all know our camp is now open to new and groovy members, the groovier the better!

....What is the BRC Sound Lounge you ask?
1- The BRCSL is a camp dedicated to bringing the sounds from around the world to the Playa.., amongst other things 😉.
The way we acquire these sounds is through all of our beautiful, groovy and super phat campers. As a member you can present anything to be played in our lounge from a recording of you walking the beach, the wind through the trees on your favorite trail, a walk downtown, the trickle of that old stream behind your house, to something as simple as a playlist of your favorite rain themed songs. We also welcome members to DJ or perform live in our dome. This space is for camper self expression anyway they see fit.

2- The BRCSL has a larger open space to host camper creations, from art, to workshops. This Space is yours to express yourself while providing beauty and experience to the community.

3- The BRCSL will be hosting a number of camp vs. camp games🙃. Some of these shenanigans will include Playa fued( like family fued, buuut better and all questions will be poled on Playa), Dildo Javelin toss, Naked twister, Drunk twister and my favorite Volleyball!!!
We will have a full size volleyball court with dopppe night lighting open to the public 24/7
**Not interested in camping with us, but definitely want to go head to head in one of our awesome camp games. Follow the instructions below!!! We also accept teams not associated with camps.**

If any of this grabs your attention and you're interested in joining please shoot an email to for some more information. See you guys at 8:30/H

Stay groovy,
In Dust, We Trust!

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