Large MV looking to partner with DJ crew

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Large MV looking to partner with DJ crew

Post by JelliesBloom » Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:12 pm

We are a large Mutant Vehicle (fits 100 people).
This is our 3rd year, and we keep expanding on our sound system and lighting capabilities.
We are one of the brightest art cars, with lots of synchronized LED lights. We also have a mid-sized sound system, that sounds amazing on and near the vehicle, but it doesn't travel very far off the vehicle.
It's a amazingly fun vehicle to DJ, and it's a instant party as we invite anyone on and everyone is always excited to be on a amazing art car (first time!). We've had some of the best DJ's in the world play sets, and every DJ that gets to play usually agrees, it's a amazing experience. A+.

So who are we, and why are we asking for help?
Well first and foremost, we are looking to have resident DJ's to keep a exciting rotation of constant new music!
A couple of us are DJ's, but we need more and we like to switch it up. Due to some unforeseen last minute circumstances, a large part of our camp can't make it this year, so we need help!
Generally the music that is most universally appreciated on playa: house, techno.
Perhaps with small amounts of trap/garage/dnb etc.
Really just high energy dance music that gets people going!

Also - we are looking for a crew to help reap the awards of such a amazing art car - while also carry some of the burden as well.
This includes providing drivers. We need sober drivers who can keep driving for hours, even when being in the cab isn't always the 'life of the party'. But driving can be fun too!
Also we are looking for help in keeping drinks/ice on stock, and all the other expenses of running the vehicle. We have fuel expenses, material expenses, propane expenses (we have several large flame poofers), and everything else in getting the vehicle going again - you know how it goes with playa costs, the list goes on and on...

Well if all of this sounds like something that might interest you as a DJ crew, please email John: luckytreepond [ at ] yahoo [ . ] com

Thank you for your time :)

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