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3:00 sector inter-camp activity?

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:44 am
by BringHeat
Nothing like the last minute, but I'm going through my bag of Burner souvenirs over the last decade, and found this dusty relic.

Our camp (New York Dangerous, 3:30 and C) would love to create something like this, updated for 2019, with some nearby camps in our sector. The idea is you go to one of those camps, do one of these things, then get "signed off" on that thing by any member of the camp before you proceed to another camp for another thing. Prizes for people who successfully complete a "Burner Bingo" can be anything we want, really - maybe necklaces or other affordable swag - and we can divvy them up between all the camps that participate, which will be printed on the back of the bingo sheet.

We can totally pull this off within a week or two. Who's with us??