[Time sensitive] Be part of the Residential BRC Cultural Direction Setting project?

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[Time sensitive] Be part of the Residential BRC Cultural Direction Setting project?

Post by trippilongstocking » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:23 am

Hello from the playa! In the midst of a very busy/dusty time, we are initiating the next phase of the Cultural Direction Setting project which is about finding solutions. Based on the vision we’re creating many working groups, each with a specific focus (other examples include Placement Process, Convenience Camps & the 10 Principles, etc). We are looking for folks to participate in some of these working groups (more details below): 1) Open Camping, 2) Citizenship Beyond the Trash Fence, and 3) an open camping perspective on Tickets for Placed Camps. This is on a fast timeline of this Sunday so if you’re intrigued, read on!

Who we’re looking for: These are the three groups for which we’re looking for people to round them out. We’re moving fast because we’re hoping to do a kick off these groups on playa (note: going to BRC in 2019 is not a requirement for being part of a working group). We are posting these opportunities here because you are already engaged around this project. The deadline to fill out the interest forms is this Sunday August 18 at 12pm Pacific Time.

- Open Camping group - We’re looking for 4 people total: 1 Open Camper with a Mutant Vehicle whose camp/group arrives early, 1 Open Camper on Burning Man staff whose camp/group arrives early, and 2 Open Campers whose camp/group arrive when the Gates open. We need people who have land grabbed and understand those issues. This group will definitely be doing community engagement since open camping topics weren’t covered very thoroughly on last fall’s survey. Interest form with more details here: https://forms.gle/kvPZmeieDhdjgnae8

- Camp Citizenship Beyond the Trash Fence group - We’re looking for 2 Theme Camp leaders who do not think camps should be expected to do anything beyond what they bring to BRC, to balance out this group. You agree with what the Cultural Vision said about this – “These culturally aligned efforts [of bringing Burning Man values into the world] are separate from any resources provided in Black Rock City.” Interest form with more details here: https://forms.gle/hi4UvkvLSZVujKvSA

- Tickets for Placed Camps group - We’re looking for 1 person in open camping who would like to bring a perspective to the big question of how we rearchitect Placement’s Directed Group Sale ticket allocations for 2020 (for background on this read this Journal post). You understand why directed tickets exist for placed camps (taking away directed tickets for camps is not on the table), you have ideas about how this could be done differently, and you can bring a fresh perspective to these conversations. Interest form with more details here: https://forms.gle/4ERpabHuLRwhDtFB7

The focuses, time commitment, and more are on the forms. Feel free to ask questions on this thread and I’ll do my best to keep up with answers! Thank you.
- Trippi Longstocking

P.S. Perhaps you’re wondering how we’re choosing other people for the groups. We have been identifying awesome community leaders to participate as stakeholders (i.e. camp leaders, open campers, community members, Placers, Camp Development & Support Council, relevant Burning Man department staff, etc.). We’ve been reaching out to specific individuals because of their past participation in the Cultural Direction Setting project (i.e. Theme Camp Symposium, online forums, etc.) and/or expertise around a group’s topic area. Many of these groups will do more learning and community engagement (surveying, interviewing, etc.) to guide their specific recommendations, whereas some groups’ topics are already very well covered in last fall’s 4,800+ survey responses. We will be doing a full announcement about all the groups, their objectives, and who the stakeholders are after the burn.

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Re: [Time sensitive] Be part of the Residential BRC Cultural Direction Setting project?

Post by Jackass » Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:20 pm

I'm a land grabbing open camper who never got in early and who's camp used to have an MV, what would you like to know?
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Re: [Time sensitive] Be part of the Residential BRC Cultural Direction Setting project?

Post by Token » Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:24 pm

Oooh! How exciting!

It’s been ages since ePlaya had such an offer for involvement!

Stay a while, read up on some good discussion on allot of the topics you’re team is working on. We are a lively bunch with wide views and a touch of mischief.

Do we have any of our regulars already participating? Lots of good solid folks here in these boards.

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Re: [Time sensitive] Be part of the Residential BRC Cultural Direction Setting project?

Post by some seeing eye » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:02 pm

Isn't the Captain qualified for this?
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