2019 Census Shows Positive Trends

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2019 Census Shows Positive Trends

Post by some seeing eye » Tue Aug 25, 2020 4:42 pm

The Journal hits some high points: https://journal.burningman.org/2020/08/ ... s-results/

The main page is http://blackrockcitycensus.org/

Oddly country of origin "unclear" and native language "other" is up.

To cultural direction: volunteerism is up, and useful year around skills are learned. Optimism in others and relationship with nature is up. Other parts of the year regional & gatherings seems to be slightly up, as well as awareness of Burning Man art.

Camps 10-100 seem to be up at the expense of under 9 which corresponds to the DGS shift, which may be revisited in 2021.

70% are tenting it. Camp waste sorting is up. Generators are up, but most people have no idea how big their generator is.

Early arrival is up.

30% flew into somewhere to get to the event, which is our main carbon challenge. 21% flew into Reno or SF.

The survey says 10% came by the burner bus BxB which sounds high, with 1% by the BRC airport which sounds low. Usually the BORG issues real counts on those.

There are some new or changed questions which cannot be compared to previous years.
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