Lost Tan Leather "Head'N Home" Cowboy Hat and Hexagon Bedazzled Sunglasses

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Lost Tan Leather "Head'N Home" Cowboy Hat and Hexagon Bedazzled Sunglasses

Post by agusa99 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:47 pm

I lost my favorite Tan Leather "Head'N Home" Cowboy Hat and Hexagon Bedazzled Sunglasses (that I made with mostly Pink and a few larger Green gemstones), somewhere near Pepperland at 6 & i, on Sunday night, 9/1/19, after the Temple Burn. Attached is a pick of me wearing both the hat and the glasses are on top of the hat.

There's a slight chance I left them at Center Camp after the Temple Burn but several friends recall me riding off on my bike afterwards wearing the hat and glasses on my head that night.

There is another small chance that I took it off when I used the porto-potties that night, over at the corner of 6 and i, before turning in, probably around midnight.

I'm hoping maybe I did leave them in one of these places and maybe some angel/burner found them and turned them in or is considering turning them in to this Lost & Found.

The only other scenario is that I took them off at camp and forgot to put them inside our tent before we went to bed. This is probably more likely the case. Sadly it seems someone may have come into our private camping area and snagged it. I hate to think this but other campers in Pepperland's camp, who were sharing the same shade structure as us, have reported things going missing throughout the week for them as well, making the idea that it might have been stolen and not lost very likely. I hate to think that other burners or worse even fellow campmates were going through the area stealing things throughout the week but this seems like it might be the sad but true reality.

The Hat and the Glasses were both very special to me, they each have sentimental value. The glasses I made myself and this was their second burn. The hat was especially meaningful. My boyfriend gave it to me this year for the burn and it was the perfect hat for me for Burning Man. It's very hard for me to find hats that fit comfortably and this one felt like it was custom made for me. I'm very hopeful that the hat glasses will find their way back to me but I'm also sadly doubtful that they ever will. If you know anything about them, please reach out to me. I'd love for them to find their way back to me. Maybe the playa will provide?

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