found: dome or teepee cover? floor?

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found: dome or teepee cover? floor?

Post by Sketch » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:48 pm

This large item found its way to Boston on one of our containers. No one here has claimed it. It's a ... dome cover, floor? teepee piece?... hard to say. It could stretch over a hexayurt as a personal shade structure? It looks like it was made from a 25' square heavy grade tarp, which was carefully trimmed and taped, so that it's sort of an octagon or circle-ish. The middle 12' or so is additionally covered with that silver metalic bubble-wrap insulation taped to it. There is a 14" or so circle cut out of the middle of it. Someone spent a lot of money and effort to make this, and now it's taking up a lot of room in my basement as I process the end of the Lost and Found for our containers.
Look familiar to anyone? It may have been mistakenly loaded onto the Boston containers by any of the camps that use them. The containers were parked beween Esplanade and A at about 7:50, but the camps that load onto those containers are distributed throughout the city. If your neighbors had campers from Boston could one of them mistakenly loaded your... thing?

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