Nordic witch seeks loving camp

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Nordic witch seeks loving camp

Post by Lissuwursti » Fri Jan 31, 2020 2:42 pm

Hi lovely Burners

I'm a birgin in search of a camp for this year! My name is Anna and I'm originally from Finnish Lapland but have since lived in the US, Germany and now settled in the UK (London) for the time being. Reason why I want to come to Burning Man is... I'm ready to find a tribe!

I would love to contribute to the camp is some of the following ways - general maintenance, take down, energy healing, cooking, bartending, massage, meditation teaching to name a few. All I ask in return is some of the tricky bits to be taken care of by the camp, water, shelther and some form of shower/wash/rinse up opportunity during the week :)

I'm 27 years old, experienced festival goer, into healing and relaxed vibes, deep conversations, connecting, music (I work in the music business), open relationships, deep meditation, biohacking, weight lifting, the works!

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Re: Nordic witch seeks loving camp

Post by Ratty » Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:01 pm

Hi Lissu, Welcome to ePlaya. It sounds like you want to join a camp that will provide for you. Later in the season you'll be able to find and pay for your burning Man experience from many Plug and Plays. Check back in a few months when the camps that need money start begging for people to join them. Good luck. Have a great first burn.
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Re: Nordic witch seeks loving camp

Post by Elliot » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:58 pm

Hello, Anna, and welcome to ePlaya!
Perhaps you are aware that the USA is a highly divided country these days, and this seems to apply to ePlaya as well.

So, now that you have received advice from one perspective, I offer the other view.
(That I was born and grew up in Norway has nothing to do with it -- unless you want it to. :P )

It sounds to me... you are eager to contribute to the Black Rock City community in a number of ways, and this is indeed vitally important.

It also sounds like you are flying in from overseas and wish to collaborate on some of the supplies and infrastructure which you can not so readily bring yourself alone.
This brings us to the educational process of becoming a Burner.

You mention you are an experienced festival goer, so this is a good starting point. Please fasten your seat belt.
Burning Man is nothing like any festival you have ever been to, or even heard of.
Burning Man is... a unique phenomenon in the known universe -- a community created by... you. Yes, you, personally, assisted by 70,000 of your brand new closest friends.

Unless you, Ratty, I, and "a few others" create Burning Man from scratch in late August, there will be no Burning Man. At all.

Let me ask you this: At the festivals you are accustomed to, is there usually a Main Stage of some sort?
Well, at Burning Man, there is no Main Stage -- unless you build a stage and name it "Main Stage", which you are certainly welcome to do.

All right, this is probably enough for one "lesson".

Perhaps it is also enough to further inflame the philosophical divisions of this silly country, so I will send you a PM (private message) in case you want to learn more from my view of things (which tends toward more educational sessions and fewer summary executions).

For starters -- maybe as your "second lesson" -- you definitely want to learn how to steer well clear of "plug and play" camps. In this, there is little or no divisiveness on the forum, thank The Hat.

In Dust We Trust

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