Credit Card compromised

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Credit Card compromised

Post by FlyingMonkey » Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:31 am

Just thinking out loud and seeing if anyone else had this happen. One of my credit cards got compromised which is nothing unusual but the pattern of spending looked A LOT like someone driving an RV from Indiana to Burning Man. It was so weird that when I looked at all the charges I had to think if it was actually my purchases or not.

Most of the charges were at gas stations along I-80 each for $125 (where the pump usually stops automatically) so I'm thinking the Asshat was driving an RV or bus. What really caught my eye was a trip to the Fernley Walmart on Aug 19th. The only other "coincidence" is the fact that I don't use this card accept when I bought my Burning Man ticket earlier this year.

On previous years I have traveled I-80 and it would have been hard to figure out what charges were actually legitimate but this year & took the high road & went on I-94. So the dates & locations are all wrong for my travel spending.

Luckily I have other cards to use because it would have sucked to not have a credit card on a 4,000 mile journey.

So I'm wondering if anyone else had something similar happen. Is it a coincidence that the ONLY time I used this card in the last year was to purchase my Burning Man ticket?

I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks & if anyone else had this happen.
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Re: Credit Card compromised

Post by Elderberry » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:17 am

I've had this happen a few years ago on the way to Burning Man. I was using our PayPal debit MasterCard. With that card, you are notified by email everyone time a purchase is made. Per usual we always stop along the way for last minute items, gas, whatever.

One of our stops was at a Walmart on the way. Everything appeared to be OK. As usual, I lost cell service once the event started getting crowded. Of course, we had a great time and it was finally time to leave for home.

As soon as we got cell service my phone went wild with one purchase notification after another coming through.

I had probably $2,500.00 in the PayPal account which was reduced to zero, plus I had a personal checking account attached to the PayPal which had about the same balance which was cleaned out as well.

The happy ending was that after we stopped and checked into our hotel in Reno, I called both PayPal and the bank. Both said that they would investigate the charges. However, the best part was that PayPal actually credited $1,500.00 back into the account immediately so we'd have money to get home.

Turns out that the card info was stolen at a Walmart and there were a whole slew of other people that shopped there that had the same thing happen. That actually made it easy to get all of the charges reversed.

All of the purchases were around $100.00 plus a few dollars and they were all for gift cards.
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