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looking for artists

Postby neph13 » Sun Sep 14, 2003 6:35 pm

Hello fellow freaks!

I have currently stepped into the role of art recruitment and promotions for our regional event, Burning Flipside, here in Austin TX. It happens each May, over Memorial day weekend (www.burningflipside.com). I would like to send out a personal invite to all artists who are willing and able to make it out to our lovely event. We are located in a nice field, complete with trees, a stream and pond, and other luxuries which makes it full of magic and beauty. The one thing we are lacking in is lots of amazing art and expression. There are some great works here, but we want more!!! We have a great community but we are looking to expand the visions and ideas, challenge and blow minds....and in that we need YOU! Yes, you! So, if you have a project you are working on, getting ready for the playa and want to test run it by a bunch of Texas freaks in the early springtime, then please do get a hold of me! We are starting this a bit early as to get the plans and ideas going. Also, if you have information, ideas and dreams you would like to share, I have started a nice little tribe called ARC (artistic resurrection and creation) and me and my lovely ARC angels will be more than happy to help connect, inform, and spread the love around for all artists, new and old.
http://cluster.tribe.net/tribe/servlet/ ... f44f578e3b
that's the link to get hooked up inside this new connection. Thanks for your time....hope to make some great connections and again, if you are interested in submitting some art for our regional event, please get a hold of me, I am really eager for this to happen! I will every so often come back by and announce this again.

be well and hope to speak with ya soon! :D


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