Pregnant Burner needs help in Hawaii (Kailua, Oahu)

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Pregnant Burner needs help in Hawaii (Kailua, Oahu)

Post by Punky Brewster » Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:58 pm

Without being too dramatic about this: Maile, my dear friend and former lover, posted yesterday about her experience in Hawaii. ... 70f940462f

What her flowing words did not exclamate is that this is a very trying time for her and for which she dearly is in need of this community, of this family, for her biological family is basically abandoning her and her unborn child and demanding that she move out in less than a week. She is at the mercy of people who have pulled the rug out from under her and who are making increasingly irrational demands and who apparantly have no conscience.

I am trying to help how I can financially and through networking; I have posted to the community in a crisis before and was amazed by the level of response. I know that everyone has to balance what they can do for other people and that times are hard for a lot of people. I feel compelled to do this now, for a woman and unborn child's shelter and well-being are at stake. Where else can she go?

If you or anyone or any group you know of anyone in Hawaii who can help Maile, give her a roof over her head, either for short term or longer , please, get in touch with her ASAP. She could pay some limited rent and offer various skills and services; she even has a job teaching preschool down the line, yet that is not a reality at the present juncture. What is most important is that she have a roof over her head, and maybe even some loving kindness until she is due to give birth in late January. She's been through a lot.

Many of you know Maile, either through real life or on tribe. In case you do not, her profile is at
She can be reached on her cell phone at 510-295-3790. She has limited email access and limited transportation at the moment as well. She is in Kailua, Oahu at the moment.

Thank you all and a thousand blessings in advance, even if you are only able to help by saying a prayer for her.

My humblest gratitude,

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