flame throw!!!!

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flame throw!!!!

Post by THE ORIGINAL DIGIMAN » Wed Oct 08, 2003 2:24 am

III wrote:yes, we get that you think there's something profound or funny about starting a lot of threads on the varieties of sexuality and gender identification.

well idiot mabey
we also get that you don't care how annoying people find this, especially since you refuse to provide any context aside from the decidedly ambiguous thread titles.
idiot well super mabey
and we get that you get all huffy when people try to point out that you're neither funny, amusing, or even moderatly thought provoking.

almost super idiot mabey.

in short, you still come across as an insensitive dumbass, and your continued creation of these threads only reinforces that impression.
definite super mabey
hold on
JonoVision wrote:Yeah yeah yeah..... just no more threads, OK?
small mabey
JonoVision wrote:Thanks for the innumerable threads Digi... a real service to us all.
super small penus mabey

DogBoy wrote:Alpha led the pack with-
You post like a 17-year-old who's broken into Dad's liquor cabinet.
See, I'm not the only one that thinks you sound drunk digi.
Ivy wrote:You have answered none of my questions, the first and foremost being, "what is a girlie girl?"
I believe it was said well in another topic: "a thread is not started by title alone."

I'm trying to make an effort as to what this thread is all about, becuase I thought it might hold interest to me, but now I see it's just another forum for your nonsensical, cryptic sentences.
Ivy wrote:1. Look at the date stamps on my posts from this morning. I have been on the e-playa for several hours now. Youa re late. You fail.

2. Still no specific examples and far from the requested three sentences per quote. You fail.

3. Repeated improper use of the quote function. You fail.

Three strikes and you're out.
fustrated Ivy

Ivy Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 8:27 pm
write three sentences explaining how that statement indicated that I am a girlie girl.
You are the weakest link. Good-bye.
III wrote:osx/safari, but i've had the same problem under linux/opera, and win95/netscape/explorer and win2k/netscape/explorer.
it's not the "log in" link right under usergroups, it's the little dialog box in the very upper right hand corner that doesn't seem to work.
go home. go to system 6.1
if it does work for someone, maybe they could post their os/browser versions...

and i'm an awfull speller and gramerphite not

underestimated again. please do your research and look up my posts....please.

i want to have fun !

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