Rangers at Cocomo Entrance Late Into the Night

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Rangers at Cocomo Entrance Late Into the Night

Postby Clever Username Girl » Mon Oct 13, 2003 10:42 am

To the Young male Ranger, and young female Ranger at the entrance -- I'm sorry I didn't get your names -- from the absolute bottom of my heart I want to thank you just one more time for your show of kindness, compassion, and understanding. A situation that would have crushed me in a way I can't really describe was turned around by you.

I could say more, but then again, what more is there to say but thank you. Thank you for taking the time, while doing the rest of your job, to show me the small kindness that you did. It meant a lot more to me that you probably realize...

-- And thank you for doing the job you do anyway, regardless. :!:

Love and even more hugs,

The 80's futurist-type woman in the cropped red vinyl jacket.

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