Reinvention of Ones' Self

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Reinvention of Ones' Self

Post by Time Con Fig U R 8 » Mon Oct 20, 2003 12:23 pm

D_N_A encoding

decoding your own universal laws
of cause and effect
Time is running out
This is not a role
That you can pick up and play
This is your new life
Everything you choose to do , speak, act, or say
Is effecting Ones' ability to think
Some are already learning to speak again
Strokes and seizures
Don't need war
The is reality
Even good hearted might want to get to work on this E_PLAYA WEB SITE
New jobs coming in for healers
Healers are not wounded because we are have pay our dues for freedom
Soul path , code and offerings
This is aNot aJOke
Wake Up Lunar and Solar EClisphe on the Horizon
No Random Acts of Violence
I built an altar for Peace last year for my Burningman Project
Couldnt' Make to the festival
Did not realize this would become a greater Journey
Visualiaze Peace
Force Yourself To find the to spread the love

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