How to DeSTroY the Universe FeSTivAL - Part 1 (San Francisco

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How to DeSTroY the Universe FeSTivAL - Part 1 (San Francisco

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**************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*******************
START: Nov 1, 2003
END: Dec 8, 2003

Contact: Jason Schwartz
[email protected]
(650) 619-3695

(Please pass on this announcement to appropriate channels.)

"How to Destroy the Universe Festival Launches - Extreme Art and Music



(KFJC.ORG) Co-Present
a new performance series dedicated to building community among extreme
artists in the punk/industrial scene.

"How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part 1"

Early show on Pearl Harbor Day in San Francisco
$8 Advanced, $10 at the Door
at Studioz
21+ with ID

Possible web-cast on

BANDS (first to last):
** NEITHER NEITHER WORLD - beautiful dark sexy gothic pop cabaret
** PUNK ROCK ORCHESTRA - 40 piece orchestra perform Punk classics
** F-SPACE - Frenetic and Maniacal Industrial pyro post-punk mantras
(members of Savage Republic, Chrome, and Scot Jenerik)
** THE MERMEN - Off the Meter Psychedelic surf
** THE SEROTONINS - Performance-art Rock Mayhem from Los Angeles

Guest Master of Ceremonies:
**Dr. HOWLAND OWLL (Church of the SubGenius)

** FERNANDO - Thunderdome/DeathGuild/Assimilate

** JIM JOCOY - "We're Desperate" Early LA/SF Punk Photography slide show

Bring a dish to share

Discounted Advanced tickets available from

More Information:
Mobilization Recordings is hosting a series of rare events dedicated to
building community in the DIY/Underground art and music scene. The series is
inspired by the early Theoretical ( and Anti-Club
shows run in Los Angeles in the 1980s, and by the recent "Beyond the Pale"
festivals in San Francisco.

The first "How to Destroy the Universe Festival" combines artists that have
performed at Burning Man over the years with artists working on creative
documentation and preservation of early Punk (Note: This event is not
sponsored by, and is independent of Burning Man). This primal
punk/industrial energy and frenetic creativity was common in both the early
San Francisco music scene and the early Burning Man community but more
recently has been largely diluted and coopted in both worlds.

Any of the artists can be contacted for press interviews through:
[email protected]
(650) 619-3695


Guitarist Jim Thomas has re-invented the Surf guitar
with a unique and fluid psychedelic/hard core style.
Formed 1986,in San Francisco, Ca.
Since then the band has had six releases,
Krill Slippin' (Kelptone)1989
Food For Other Fish (New Albion) 1994
Live At The Haunted House (Shitone)1994
A Glorious Leathal Euphoria(Atlantic)1995 (Mesa)1995
Songs Of The Cows (Atlantic)1996
The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road

The Punk Rock Orchestra: Anarchy in the first chair

Hailing from San Francisco, CA the Punk Rock Orchestra is a 35+ piece strong
orchestra that plays punk rock tunes you know and love on classical
instruments. Their set list is a journey through the great punk bands: Dead
Kennedys, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks, Fear, Suicidal Tendencies
and so on. All the members are classically trained, many of them by
recognized masters of their respective instruments. From mosh pits to
orchestra pits, you won't hear anything like this anywhere else.

Members of the Orchestra have played with many local symphonies and
ensembles including: San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera, San
Francisco Civic, Oakland Civic, Peninsula Symphony, Sacramento Symphony,
Stockton Symphony, Napa Symphony, Pacific Wind Ensemble, Deutscher
Musik-Verein, Berkeley Opera, North Bay Opera, Berkeley Lyric Opera,
Symphony Parnassus, SF Concerto Opera, SF Repertory Opera Orchestra,
Community Music Center Orchestra and the San Francisco Composers Chamber

Members have also played with such local bands as The Dead Kennedys, The
Residents, The Woodyz, The Inciters, Apocalipstick!, Pick-Pocket Opera,
Cotton Candy Cabaret and Staranova.

Maximum Rock and Roll, the New York Times of punk, called them "Shocking".
The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes their music as "...low brow music
on high brow instruments," and Charles Osgood of CBS Radio said "Now you've
heard everything."

The Punk Rock Orchestra is the experience of a lifetime. Don't miss them.

(.mp3's available on website)

Contact Info:
Address: David Ferguson
(415) 986-4382
[email protected]
Institute For Unpopular Culture
1592 Union Street #226
San Francisco, CA 94123

F-SPACE is a musical project by San Francisco sound artists Ethan Port and
Scot Jenerik based upon the intense spectacle of performance, concentrating
on alternative sound and flame sources. The project is frenetic, intelligent
and visceral. The project still eavily references traditional rock, pop,
punk, ethnic and psychadelic melodies (influenced by the time Ethan Port did
time in the 1980s seminal Los Angeles art punk outfit SAVAGE REPUBLIC) but
within a new sonic architecture.
F-SPACE relies heavily on it's own unique custom built percussive
instruments to define a new audio and visual quality that is at once organic
and electronic. The instruments of metal, springs, strings and other
hardware (often immersing the band in 15 foot fire balls) produce the bands
now trademarked "Shop Rock" sound:

"like the kind of music you'd write to drive your 7th grade metal shop class
into a screaming frenzy".

In 2001 F-Space moved to a more song structured "band/collective" with Ethan
Port, Aleph (drummer from CHROME) and on occasion, Joel Connell (drummer
from MAN IS THE BASTARD, and the SAVAGE REPUBLIC 2002 reunion tour). The
project still focuses on sonic percussion -- noisy and explosive with
melodic overtones.

The resulting F-Space sound is violent, sinister and encompassing, filled
with passion and intimacy that transforms the listener to an altered state
of bliss.

In 2003 F-Space "toured" Burning Man, playing 8 "Hit and Run" performances
out of the back of their van with a PA and generator. The result was
spontaneous bliss catching most people completely by surprise. People are
talking about F-SPACE.

The first full length studio F-SPACE CD titled "Preliminary Impact Report"
is scheduled for December 2003 release, with US, European and Japaneese
tours in the works for 2004.

"Nature prohibits nothing" A caption from the quote by the Marquis De Sade
etched in bold letters on the inside of Neither/Neither World's first CD,
Sociopathic Pleasures. The statement best captures the movement of this
band. They blend the perfect sounds of bands like Mazzy Star and The
Creatures to create their own lush and unique aesthetic.

Some contributors that have been on previous releases are Monte Cazazza,
Elden M of Allegory Chapel and The Haters, and drummer of the infamous
Dwarves. Singer/Songwriter Wendy Van Dusen limits herself to nothing,
composing music that forces the listener to the inner reaches of their
psyche and spirit. She is also known to work with bands such as Dive, IT
(Minus Habens), as well as offering her haunting vocals to movie

In Neither/Neither World live performances, the audience is always certain
of one thing, they never know what to expect. Drawing a crowd from all areas
of the world, the shows themselves become a sort of voodoo rite of passage
at the end of the world. It is always exhilarating but maybe somewhat
frightful to the uninitiated. Wendy Van Dusen, who has been known to saunter
on stage wearing a cat suit and wielding an ax, carries the air of an exotic
villain, and has the vocal range to mimic the very cry of demons residing in
our minds, or to resonate through the audience like a strong torch singer
from a sultry past. Wolves cry in the night in celebration of magnificence
and boundlessness of nature as does the limitless compositions of the music
of Neither/Neither World.

There have been a million revolutions that have been lost in thirty strokes,
one grunt and a dirty gym sock. The greatest ideas usually are thought up by
the laziest people. Never to be known by more than a few and whoever was in
the "know" wasn't exactly sure what the hell they witnessed in the first
place. Tall tales are created, most are forgotten and a few people with
scrap books remembering how wonderful it all was and how Goddamn crappy it
is now. What does this all mean? I'm not sure.but let's continue.

Anyway, just before the year 2001, eight of the strangest, creative brains
had come together in the most random ways. It's like how did the first
heterosexual people decide that anal sex might be a fun thing to do? I bet
it was an happy, stinky accident. Okay, so it happened. We had
something that was more than just special. It was real. We had created a
musical energy that could change the way people lived their lives. It
certainly had changed all of ours. We wondered what the ramifications would
be if we could somehow grind up our little secret and sprinkle it on to the
eardrums of the world?

The summer of 2002 and it was time. Everyone knew we had to document where
we were as a band in order to grow as a band. We had two options. Go into a
recording studio, crank out all we could in limited time or buy the
equipment ourselves and make it happen ourselves. We chose the latter and
Unkforshire studios was born in our basement rehearsal space. Donations from
family and friends, credit car debt and one hell of a change drive bought us
(list equipment).

We found a producer and engineer on the recommendation of a friend and we
were off to the races. A marathon race that is! One year later, we had been
through what would have broken up most bands (will save the details for our
VH1 Behind the Music special). Instead, we had an album that we all were
proud of and, in turn, grew to have a deep appreciation for being fortunate
enough to be part of The Serotonins. For the first time all eight of us
realized that this wasn't just a band.this was our family.

Now, what to name the album? There were so many ideas and it seemed that for
every title at least one band member hated it. One of the original working
titles for the album was "Easier Than Learning to Read". This was a line
taken from one of Rev. Dave's earliest songs, "Animal Abuse" that always got
a big belly laugh. Josh Flemming (unofficial 9th member of the band, who,
among countless other things, handles our artwork) came up with the cover
concept that fit this title perfectly. Wheeew! End of headache and our album
had a title. Now, Rev. Dave starts off the new song "Ghetto Snow" with the
lyrics, "Easier Than Learning To Read". To bad, "Ghetto Snow" isn't on our
first album. Oh well.

Okay, enough back-story. Time to strip off your Aquaman underoos, put on the
nipple clamps, spray your cheese whiz in an unusual place, lick your Mighty
Mouse hallucinogenic stamp collection and crank up the Serotonins debut
album, "Easier Than Learning To Read"! I think this party started right

Only the Beginning!! The Serotonins cd "Easier Than Learning to Read" is the
freshest music out there. "Outthere" could definitely describe it. Each song
starting with JLo has an essence and vibrance to it that most bands cannot
capture in cd form. Songs like "People of America" , JLO , and "Good Day"
really speak to issues in our society and culture. Then it isn't missing the
party songs either. "Killing Nouns" gives new meaning to white rapper and
with a killer horn section comes off nicely. "Reefer Madness" puts any past
pot smokin' song in the category of a nugget that should be smoked. "Reefer"
should have been on the soundtrack of the latest Kevin Smith movie. Don't
miss this wild ride.

Reviewer: Chad Bell

Fernando is infamous around the San Francisco industrial scene for combining
disparate musical genres (from Iggy and the Clash to NIN and Merzbow) into
a pulsating gyrating punk rock experience.

has worked with KFJC 89.7fm, one of the worlds only surviving Free Form
radio stations since high school in the early 1980s. M.C.CHRIST combines a
deep musical history with a need to shake and rock. M.C.CHRIST recently
presented a 24 hour special on KFJC on the life and times of THROBBING

Slides from his new book "We're Desperate: The Punk Rock Photography of Jim
Jocoy SF/LA 78-80"

This photo show was featured at Aquarius Records June-August 2003.

"There was a new excitement of music in the air: punk. It was coming from
London (Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X), NY (Television, Blondie, The
Ramones), and now from San Francisco (The Nuns, Avengers, V.X.A.) and Los
Angeles (The Germs, The Weirdos, X). I started going to the Mabuhay Gardens
(the seminal punk club in San Francisco) regularly to meet with friends,
artists, musicians, and performers. Everyone was dressing up and there was a
new excitement and energy in the air. I decided I wanted to capture this on
film -- I would ask people if I could take their photo and they would locate
a setting/background nearby where I would snap a couple of shots. These
photos became my records of the social/musical scene of that period." --Jim

Features Never-Before Seen Photos of Legendary Icons Including Darby Crash,
Iggy Pop, Lydia LuNch, Sid Vicious, John Waters, Johnny Thunders, Bruce
Connor, members of X, Dead Kennedys, the Go-Gos, The Cramps, The Avengers,
Flipper, The Screamers, and The Nuns, and more !!

The Illumination Project creates monumental and fleeting works of art,
revocable interventions on the landscape that appear and disappear like the
shadow of a cloud passing before the sun. The installations transform the
environment with color and form through impossibly large paintings that
float just above the earth. Then they vanish in a dance of wind and fire.
The Illumination Project has joined realization with destruction to create a
new union where planning, creation, transition and remembrance become art.

Charles Gedeken also created the "Hand of God" at Burning Man 2003, a 10
foot metal hand that shot 100 foot flames into the air out of each finger.


Harry S. Robins, (aka Doktor Howland Owll, aka "Hal")
is a renown underground comic artist and his work has appeared in Last
Gasp's Weirdo, Salon Magazine's Dark Hotel and many other publications. For
over a decade he has been the co-host of KPFA's bizarre radio show,
"Puzzling Evidence". Rev. Hal is the "Master of Church Secrets" for The
Church of SubGenius. As Dr. Howland Owll, he has served as MC for many
unique San Francisco events including Chicken John's "You Asked For It!"
game shows. Recently, Hal contributed his unique vocal talents to the
award-winning interactive game, Half-Life.


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