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Bad Advice

Post by Guest » Thu Nov 27, 2003 2:32 am

I'm reading a thread on the the Critical Tits party, and I come across...
captainerotica wrote:Better signage around the outer perimeter for men to see this party is not for them

and I'm reminded of this dude i went to bman 03 with repeatedly encouraging me to go to the party because it was so much fun. (He'd just come from there.)

and how he thought Critical Tits was an exercise in exhibitionism.

and how when we walked out of camp one night, it would be okay that i had no illumination of any kind as we walked across the wholly other.

and I'm wondering if anyone else got really bad advice they'd like to share, vent about, dispel as not-in-anyone's best interest, etc.

If the things described above aren't clearly bad advice to you, please post a question as to why or pm me, since at least one of them represents a potentially life-endangering cluelessness.

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Post by Angry Butterfly » Thu Nov 27, 2003 10:38 am

I still have no clue what Critical Tits even was, Although I probably should. I was just riding my bike and was suddenly surrounded by them, somehow, I looked quite simialr to the other girls and so everbody thought I was one ( I had a top on, but it was prety low cut, it was such a crush of cyclists that I couldnt get out for a couple minutes. It looked like an organized thing and not knowing what it was I wanted out of it, that and dudes kept snapping pictures, and I was like WTF is this? I was glad whaen I got out. I don't like riding in close formation, that is why I have never done any racing or touring with a group.

So anyway, Later in the week I met this girl and She was telling me how burning man was getting too touristy, and she didnt like guys taking pictures of critical tits. I can understand that being enveloped by them for a couple minutes, I didn't like it either, but mainly becaue I wasnt supposed to be there. I actualy would have liked to take a picture for myself because I see so few girls on bikes as it is. Now, to be fair, it could be that I am riding at the wrong times, but I see a lot more guys commuting than girls, and I was usualy the only woman on the bkie car that I used to take to work, but one time I got off work early and the bike car was full of women.

So this girl was working in bike camp or recycling camp totaly topless, which I thought was really ballsy. I never work topless or even braless anymore since I got one of my nipples caught in a fingerbreak in college metal shop. (true story) So I thought that was a bad Idea, not realy bad advice, but a bad Idea, based on my personal experience with my tits and tools.

I did get a lot of bad advice, but the worst was that I NEEDED a bike. Being used to riding a bike everywhere, having to ride with people who I am certain only ride once a year is just annoying, what's more, When I was walking, I would get rides on art cars and have fun conversations and people would give me drinks. I had a lot more fun on foot. I actualy brought an extra bike to gift and that was a nightmare that I won't get into.
I took the road less traveled, and now I would like to go back and find the paved one.

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