Im memory of Katharine Lampman, the girl who died at BM

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Im memory of Katharine Lampman, the girl who died at BM

Postby inmemory » 12 years ago

here is her memorial page, take a look.
one one person is missing, it seems the whole world is depopulated
in memory of my sister, Katharine Lampman 1982-2003

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Postby madmatt » 12 years ago

That's a lovely memorial. I never knew Katharine, but think about her often. So I didn't know her life, but her death reminds me to be careful when doing possibly dangerous things (especially at BM).

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Postby BlueBirdPoof » 12 years ago

Thanks for the link. I've forwarded it to one of the medics at the scene. We'll give it to other ESD members, too.

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Postby PantzookaHQ » 12 years ago

Speachless. Thank you. She will be remembered.
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Postby LeChatNoir » 12 years ago

Birth and Death... Opposing points along a circular path. The hardest part is the feeling of forlorn loss within those left behind. Someone whose companionship you enjoyed has left this world and you will never, in this life, see them again. Accepting circumstances for what they are is a tough realization that I’ve faced numerous times myself. They get a little easier as lost loved ones grow in number, but they never get easy. Time never stops friends... Do you have someone you love? Tell them... Don’t hesitate. Right now, right this second...

Inmemory... You’ve created a wonderful memorial. Don’t let the grief tear you down. Embrace it when it comes, move through it and keep on going. You will miss your sister in one aspect or another for the rest of your life. That’s just one of the beauties that is being human. A passing memory in your head, or you may hear a laugh just like hers way back in a crowd somewhere. Or perhaps the wind will gift you a little bit of that familiar smell. Do you know what I’m talking about? No, no... not B.O. you guys... that individual smell each one of us have that is instantly recognizable. The one on your sweety’s pillow after they’ve already gotten up and gone... the one you sense when you give a big hug to someone. There are times I’ll be working in the shop and catch a hint of my Grandmother’s perfume, or Granddad’s old work shirts... for only the most fleeting instant and then it’s gone. It’s moments like these I stop and commune. Just live in that narrow wisp of time for as long as it will last and let it go when it’s gone.

If you haven’t already, I hope you find peace in your time. Perhaps you could do something special and commit it to a sacred fire on the playa this year?

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Postby philosopher » 12 years ago

For some of us, Burning Man is each year part memorial, part testimonial, and part celebration. The proportions may change, but there is always a gravitational pull if you sense that out on the playa is a uniquely open door to the intensities of soul work and soul play.

Though I didn't know Katharine, I do know that she found a neighborhood in the desert where she will be remembered with sympathy, unconditional love, and a kind of understanding that uniquely comes from being there.

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