Crappy New Year, everybody!!

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Crappy New Year, everybody!!

Postby Smokey » Thu Jan 22, 2004 5:22 pm

Ok, so maybe we are overly spoiled in the east bay. But I do have to complain. In the last few weeks of the old year, there were some sort of burningman affiliated party every weekend in San Francisco. Usually there was at least one every friday and every saturday, sometimes more than one party each night. The last saturday before new years, there were no parties that I could find. I figured that was because everyone was saving their energy for new years (wed I think).

In this crappy new year, there has been one 70's disco skating party and thats the only party I have seen. What the hell? am I just on the wrong email lists and web sites?

Now, I'm not expecting anything massive, I'm just looking to hang out with burners. Has everyone moved away? Have people resolved to party less this year? Have I been unknowingly excluded from all the email lists that took me 8 months to find? If setting up and tearing down is an issue, I will happily volunteer my time if it means hanging out with burners.

I have to exclude the south bay burners (San Jose). They have events going on all the time, they just usually fall on work days. You guys ROCK!

I just moved to Berkeley so I can shoot into the city at a wim to play, and so far, I'm dissapointed.

**stepping off the soap box**
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