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Post by Simon of the Playa » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:50 am

adam link wrote:there are rabbits, there are wolves, there are goats and sheep, lions and birds of all types. deer, chipmunks, santas, clowns, levelheads and tilt a whirls blah blah blah ad nauseum.

then there are sharks, and weasels, and jackals.

these three really havent evolved much....they are pretty much near perfect in what they do.....they kill...thats it, period, the end...

they are very simple organisms that eat or be eaten, and therefore have no need to evolve into anything higher.

efficient, ruthless, pretty much like the raptors we all like to make into plastic toys and comic books.

check it out.....they are gone, we are not.

eventually, these so called perfect organisms will be pushed to the fringes, and die out.

this happens in religion, politics and social construction.

let them exist, but know that they are there, and be safe, as you are anywhere, not just on the playa, or off, or here, the netherworld, or while having special happy fun time.

do what thou will, but dont do it to the detriment of anyone else.

possibly this concept of personal self-regulation and respect would work....

ah fuck, what the hell do i know, i'm just a fucking robot.
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