Xara Dulzura?

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Xara Dulzura?

Postby Plaid » Thu Apr 01, 2004 9:17 pm

Hey all, any of you going to Xara Dulzura? It was my favorite event (off playa) last year... it beat out 4 decoms (4?? was I crazy?), burner camping, shows, workshops, and other whatnot...

Info from the tzar of Xara below, if you need it.

:) Plaid
Official Xara Dulzura photog and
unofficial pimpette who wants to see you all there

Mark Hinkley wrote:From Friday through Sunday at the end of April, we will take the whole private and cozy valley of the Madre Grande Monastery grounds as our world within a world - our imaginary future paradise - our Xara - as it celebrates an imaginary future festival, the "Floralia." The oaks and hills and stones and meadow grass become a living playground for participants to explore, experience, and enrich with their own art, creativity, and hospitality. The general theme is to imagine oneself living 400 years from now in a world where we won, got it right, and made it work. Then we make merry to welcome newsummer, for all the reasons people have always welcomed newsummer, in whatever ways participants may wish to make merry.

And so we create a new festival together, the Floralia, a future-tribal-pastoral-utopian performing arts festival/costumed theme party, with eyecandy and earcandy and whatever else breaks out. We call it a retreat and it really is. Nobody preaches anything to anybody, but even with the play and the silliness, there is a spiritual feeling deep in the background. And without any words but without any choice, it seeps deep into you too.

Pretty pictures and registration info, retreat rules, forms, and all that jazz are on our website at http://www.xaraproject.org We hope you'll come see Xara in our new "other" home, and help get our sticks and stones back to our first home in the desert. You'll like it. Less fire, more kites and hoops, "Half the fun and none of the dust."

Oh yeah...

Xara Dulzura is a private retreat and you must have a confirmed reservation to enter the monastery grounds. Registration is by mail order only, there will be no onsite registration for this retreat.

You must be 21 years of age or older with photo identification to participate, no refunds will be given to underage registrants. Babes in arms are excepted from the age requirement and pay no registration fee, but their parent must sign the monastery's release on their behalf.

No vending - no advertising - no pets - no phosphate or scented soaps - no glass bottles - no spectators - no trace. It's on, rain or shine, but you knew that already, didn't you?

RV space is EXTREMELY LIMITED, contact us separately and early to make a special reservation if you intend to come by rv. Paynie has dibs on one spot already.

Plaid, the perfect combination
of color, form, and life.

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Postby stuart » Fri Apr 02, 2004 4:14 pm

can't wait to see you there plaid!

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Postby Chai Guy » Fri Apr 02, 2004 6:34 pm

I'll be there serving "what else?" Chai (along with coffee and lemonade!) just remember to bring your own cups because we are "Chai-Bala, the Bring Your Own Cup Cafe"

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