Larry Harvey on American Horror Story

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Larry Harvey on American Horror Story

Post by feelfree » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:53 pm

Is anyone else following this? It's a great show, and features a character named Larry Harvey who is an insane lunatic. He burned his family alive and now half of his face is a huge burn scar. As if this wasn't enough of a nod to our man Larry, in a recent episode he said this line: "Yeah, Halloween! I do the full 7 days. It's the only time I can truly be myself." Love it!

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Re: Larry Harvey on American Horror Story

Post by Dr. Pyro » Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:39 am

I watch it and love the show. It's on FX and Connie Britton is her charming self. I saw the lunatic whose name on the show is Larry Harvey and I thought the same thing: spitting image of The Hat only the lunatic has his shit much more together. And doesn't smoke, at least, when he's not on fire he doesn't smoke. You'd have to see the show to understand.

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Re: Larry Harvey on American Horror Story

Post by » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:08 pm

I love the show as well... especially what's cute is how the family lives in denial even though random strangers are caught standing in the middle of the kitchen, murders happen, and dead people show up at the house.
And the Larry Harvey, burning stuff, being yourself connection... good one.
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Re: Larry Harvey on American Horror Story

Post by shykat » Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:02 pm

I wonder who's the Burners , Director,Writer or Producer?
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