DISPATCHES 'olympic tickets for sale' (uk show)

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DISPATCHES 'olympic tickets for sale' (uk show)

Postby lemur » Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:26 pm

So!!! i just watched this show.. about the london olympics ticket sale that was run as a lottery or 'ballot' as they are calling it .. (episode 1 of season 26)

lotsa reports of disappointed/angry people ....people sitting there interviewed talking about registering all their family/friends to up the chances of their kids going.. and getting none

people on the streets who got tickets reporting the system worked.. people not getting tickets reporting it didnt seem good.. suggesting that first come first served might be better...etc..

all kinds of stats.. stuff about how some percentage were reserved for dignitaries and such..

watching it i felt like i was reliving all of this burning man ticket stuff all over again!

it doesnt seem to be legally available outside of the UK.. but.. if youre able to get a chance to watch it! it is surely an interesting watch.

quite a situation they are in...

(and some amazing scalper stuff mentioned too!! they got some big balls..)

"the ballot system has been used for ticketing in previous olympic games... this time 55% of people who applied came away empty handed.. this may have had more to do with the number of tickets to popular events that have been made available rather than the type of ballot used"

..with vids of press conferences.. much ghashing of the teeth... Surely does make one wonder about how hard it is to do this!

it seems like you could just show this episode of Dispatches and itd probably speak to every issue of the burning man ticket situation..
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