"Adult" theme camps ?

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"Adult" theme camps ?

Postby lemur » 4 years ago

Are there any theme camps that specialize in guys with a large penis? Would be very interested in dropping by and making friends.

genuinely wondering. male btw and was interested in participating in something like this.
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby delle » 4 years ago

:roll: :lol: :roll:
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby theCryptofishist » 4 years ago

You might want to stop by A Bazillion Boyzillians, where they take the approach that eliminating the bushes makes the tree stand taller.
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby MyDearFriend » 4 years ago

Lemur, my dear, let's find a quiet corner where we can talk; I would like to know more about this. 8)
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby tamarakay » 4 years ago

Just as creepy, yes.
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby EspressoDude » 4 years ago

the MAN 'might' have one....
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby Bin Noddin » 4 years ago

The Man's got wood and lots of it.
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby maryanimal » 4 years ago

The Man has a woodie??
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby Oldguy » 4 years ago

The Man goes down...

in flames.

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Fable Quinn
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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby Fable Quinn » 4 years ago

He's got constant wood, but I hear he is a total flamer.

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Re: "Adult" theme camps ?

Postby Eric » 4 years ago

Moving this to "Open Discussion"
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