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So much MOOP

Post by Bounce530 » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:18 am

This weekend I took my kids to the "Vans Warped Tour" in San Francisco. This is one of those day long music festivals that has a crap load of bands playing on seven different stages all through the day, from 11am-9pm. I never heard of any of these bands except for a few that the kids would talk about. It's the pop-punk genre of music, so the crowd was mainly older teens and the frat boy types. What I couldn't believe was the amount of trash, and litter that had started almost as soon as we got into the gates and just progressed through the day. There were trash/recycle and compost cans all over the place, and crews that were working through out the day emptying them, but still the amount of trash that was just blowing all over the venue was shocking to me.
It got me thinking about how good a job us, the participants of Burning Man do, in regards to the trash situation, and also made me nervous of how this could be inching into our city with the increase of the "frat boy/weekenders" type.
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