The man burns in Dallas

All things outside of Burning Man.
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The man burns in Dallas

Postby Mosin » 4 years ago

Come down with fire - Lift my spirit higher -Someone's screaming my name - Come and make me holy again....

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Re: The man burns in Dallas

Postby tamarakay » 4 years ago

I have an alibi
When the only tool you got is a hammer, every problem looks like a hippie.

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Re: The man burns in Dallas

Postby Sham » 4 years ago

Is Paul Addis still in jail?
Coincidence? I think not!

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Re: The man burns in Dallas

Postby EspressoDude » 4 years ago

OH NO, his Dickies are flaming hot!!
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Re: The man burns in Dallas

Postby TomServo » 4 years ago

Someone was asking about burning man hand signals, in a thread...I can't seem to find. Noticed BigTex's right hand, and I think I found it! With the thumb and little finger extended out, and the middle three straight up....Its Larry's hat!!
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