Anyone Else Struggling with HSV?

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Anyone Else Struggling with HSV?

Post by Rackstar » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:26 pm

So I've been to Burning Man twice and both times I had a lot of fun, but I felt if I wasn't gifted HSV (herpes) when I was younger, I would have had way more fun. My confidence was shattered to say the least and never fully recovered and here am ten years later on the playa afraid to approach girls for fear that they might not be cool when I disclose to them, i wasn't even having a breakout or anything, but i decided that i'm not really trying to deal with stress of any kind of while i'm trying to get my burn on. So i just did "me" and enjoyed the art and the experience and the music and getting down with my liquid dancing and tried to keep the girls and sex off my mind, which you know is damn near impossible if you've ever been. And then when I was rolling i did work up the the courage to tell one very beautiful girl that was digging my moves and started dancing with me after we made out for a bit and things were heating up a little. She made out with me some more and cuddled with me for awhile but politely declined to take things further when they seemed like they were headed in that direction. She put the breaks on and "called it a night" pretty early. Well needless to say that put a little damper on the evening but whatever life goes on--i should have stuck to my original plan, or maybe i manifested what i thought would happen...
Anyway, I'm wondering why on the playa, there's not any STD supports meetups or minglers/mixers or H-friendly play parties to help Burners in the same boat find each other? I know i'm not the only guy/gal out the 70000 people out there in the dust having some sort of struggle with the same issue. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all find each other and know that we're not alone? My friend that went in 2009 said that she thought there was something along those lines there when see was there. Well as soon as I got there i read the whole damn event book cover both years and no dice--lame, but it what is what it is or actually was what it was, because this year could be different, right? Burning Man allows you to create and cultivate whatever type of experience you want. So here's my question to those who are still reading: Is anyone interested in helping me to organize some of the things I mentioned? If there's enough interest maybe camp could somehow coalesce with those events being a small part of what we offer to the community. I'm based in eastern Tennessee, but we're all going to be on the playa simultaneously at same time, so why not make some plans to kick it and kick up some dust together. Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

Questions, concerns, comments below, or PM me.... Thanks for listening...

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Re: Anyone Else Struggling with HSV?

Post by Token » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:31 am

First thing, paragraphs, readability, punctuation.

Please make your post digestible by mere mortals.

Second thing, good on you for being open about it and disclosing to your partners. Very rare and honorable.

Now to the meat of it.

Globally, 2/3 of the world population (that’s 4.6 Billion humans) are infected with either HSV or HPV.

That is from CDC, WHO for those inclined to dig.

The US population is a bit better off, being a developed nation with good resources. Only about 1/3 have HSV/HPV with HPV being more prevalent.

The reason these virals are so prevalent: most people don’t know they got it. That’s the kicker. Both virals are often asymptomatic in many populations.

So yes, there is a good chance those numbers carry to TTITD.

Now, on the metaphysics of the matter...

Getting a bunch of folks to self-identify on a matter that holds terrible stigma in our backward medieval-minded place we love and adore ... what do you think the odds are for that happening.

You could try to organize something in terms of a space/place for this on playa, but the odds are long it will take off. Most live their lives with their head happily stuck in the sand on these matters.

You sound like a responsible person and are approaching this the right way with disclosure.

Take the next step and realize that HSV is manageable, can be dealt with via safe-sex practice. Go be you, disclose and see where it goes. Not much else you can do.

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Re: Anyone Else Struggling with HSV?

Post by Bless » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:35 am

Herpes-only event at the orgy dome? Sounds intriguing, but I agree you may not find much participation.

Alternatively, you could organize workshops about safe sex and shed some light on living with STDs and HSV. See who shows up. Maybe you'll make some new friends.

Also, it goes without saying that TTITD isn't only about sex. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy without having your mind stuck on getting laid.

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Re: Anyone Else Struggling with HSV?

Post by FlyingMonkey » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:27 am

Bless wrote:

Also, it goes without saying that TTITD isn't only about sex.
Your doing it wrong!

In your wildest dreams you can not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU.

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