Hauling people & gear from Indy area Aug 26th 2020

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Hauling people & gear from Indy area Aug 26th 2020

Post by tommythefool » Wed Mar 04, 2020 12:11 pm

Howdy Fellow Burners,

I'm making my way for the 11th time to BRC, quarantines permitting. I leave early, around August 26th, as I help build a village. I have a 1ton diesel van and a trailer heading from Indy, across I-74 and I-80 to Fernley, then The Burn, leaving Labor Day. If ALL agree, there might be a hot springs stop in Saratoga WY. If not, we blaze on through. I run a tiny camp within a village, so must be there a few days early, which means you need to have Early Arrival passes. I can drop you in Reno if not, but that's your responsibility (as in getting from Reno to the Burn when the city actually opens).

I have room for up to four passengers, and about four cubic yards of stuff, more perhaps in the trailer. I prefer non-smokers if possible who'll share the fuel costs. The van gets 31mpg! Amazing. Those that can reliably drive a van and a trailer are helpful, but not required. Rainbow friendly, but anyone that talks most of their waking hours will be strapped to the top of the van for the duration of the trip. You think I'm kidding.

I cannot transport illegal merchandise or weapons. Food stops 3x/day + other necessaries. Virgin burners are OK, but you must know what you're undertaking.



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