2021 Event Boards Disclaimer

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2021 Event Boards Disclaimer

Post by trilobyte » Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:23 pm

We are opening the Burning Man 2021 event boards with a few big and important disclaimers.

First and Foremost
Burning Man has not yet announced whether they will attempt to have an event in 2021 (see "Look, We Just Don't Know Yet" on the Burning Man Journal). Because a large scale event like Burning Man takes a lot of work to plan and organize (to say nothing of the time it takes for artists and participants to make their arrangements and do their work), Burning Man is proceeding with certain elements of the event. That includes application of mutant vehicle licenses, registering art and media projects, and camp placement (camp placement forms open on 3rd of May) - you can find out more info on that here.

Federal, state, local, and health department officials have not said one way or the other whether they would allow Burning Man 2021 to proceed or not. Burning Man does in fact have a Covid-19 Task Force, but that does not guarantee that officials will ultimately allow the event to proceed. We are in a global pandemic, and the situation is rapidly changing. While news of vaccinations in a few countries is encouraging, most countries are still struggling and new variants and mutations make for new risks and challenges.

There will be an element of serious risk in any large gathering during a global pandemic. Conventional wisdom and CDC guidelines suggest you should avoid them. The issue is further complicated by Burning Man's remote location, where critical care is some distance away. No matter what decisions are made, please do what you can to keep your friends and family as well as yourselves safe.

Do not read anything into ePlaya creating and opening the 2021 event message boards. This is in no indication that either Burning Man or that health and regulatory officials are leaning one way or the other on Burning Man 2021. We have been asked to create the boards for those who are planning for the possibility of Burning Man 2021, and simply accommodating that request. Stay tuned to this board, the Burning Man Tickets page, the Burning Man Journal, and subscribe to the Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter for the latest news and announcements regarding the 2021 event, tickets, and other useful information.


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