Are you still planning a trip to the Black Rock Desert?

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Re: Are you still planning a trip to the Black Rock Desert?

Post by Montanarchist » Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:18 am

Sham wrote:
Fri Sep 10, 2021 12:50 am
Greatest drone show ever
I've been enjoying this show from all the different angles and audio backgrounds. It is indeed impressive.

Has the Pershing Sheriff's office been bitching about not getting the million+ dollars from the event? Have you heard if they attempted to pilfer the renegade Burners with petty offenses to keep their office flush with cash that usually comes from the event?
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The Rod
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Re: Are you still planning a trip to the Black Rock Desert?

Post by The Rod » Fri Sep 10, 2021 12:46 pm

Decentralized, renegade rogue burn that went off without anyone (besides the BLM of course) telling ten to twenty thousand reckless burners and clueless virgins what to do? Fucking Bad Ass.

And no major calamity or disaster? Fucking Bad Ass.

Lucked the fuck out on the weather. Days in the 80s and 90s and hardly a dust storm. The smoke was all high altitude and besides making for some cool sunsets/rises and moons really wasn't that noticeable.

And yes, there was definitely some not-the-best-of-behavior on display, but that shit happens anywhere theres a bunch of people.. Though there sure were a lotta assholes driving too fast too close to settlements. "Esplanade" turned into a fucking parking lot tailgate party by sunday am. The only time I missed the BORG was when vehicles weren't being used responsibly or respectfully. I talked to the guy in the red mustang, first of all it wasn't brand new, didn't get the year from him but it was 2011-2014 body style, and not even a GT. Told him how much I wished I had my convertible mustang out there but I would never ever take it somewhere so damaging. His response was that he was "willing to make sacrifices for the greater good" and that he had been giving randos rides all week. Zipping across open playa in a 'top down mustang would have been cool...

More fire art and some big burns would have also been cool.. But honestly I really loved the lack of "big art". People were out there to interact with people and not stand around slackjawed in marvel of well funded "artists" and their grand l.e.d. and propane pissing matches. More person to person interactivity than any other burn I've been to. Art cars were on point. Except for robot fart, as always.

The drone swarm stole the fucking show on saturday night. Standing in the giant circle of art cars and blinky weirdos and staring up at a 100 foot man brought me to a place I honestly hadn't expected to visit on this trip to the playa. I went in telling myself that whatever was going happen, I was definitely not going to burning man. On saturday night I was most definitely at Burning Man.

It truly was an epic year and will stand out amongst the the 8 other burns I've attended. Last year's little renegade gathering was pretty neat and will remain a unique point in burning man history that I'm glad to have witnessed, but this year... This year... oh man..
During last years little black rock city cosplay, there was this subtle yet tangible vibe of "things will be different after this" going around, and this year that vibration had roiled into a raging crescendo. Things are different now. I do believe that Burning Man will never, can never, go back to the way it was. The big question now is how will the money makers that run the corporation(s) react? Will they embrace or resist?

I for one, can't fucking wait.

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Re: Are you still planning a trip to the Black Rock Desert?

Post by burner von braun » Fri Sep 10, 2021 5:25 pm

The Rod, thanks for the in-depth feedback regarding your trip to the desert. I appreciate it. I guess I'm on the fence on this whole 'future of Burning Man' notion, and still sorting out and weighing personal priorities, but certainly value reading about other people's experiences this year. Especially the experiences of those people I already have some sense of here, and respect. Admittedly, we may have somewhat differing viewpoints on other issues at times, and that's healthy, but your firsthand account, and that of others, really helps shape my thoughts on this going forward.

Also really glad to hear about the red convertible guy! That is an awesome approach, and quite a fun gift to offer. I'm compelled to apologize for my little joke previously, and making the wrong assumption. Mea culpa Red Convertible guy, wherever you are!

Glad you had a great time The Rod!

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Re: Are you still planning a trip to the Black Rock Desert?

Post by Savannah » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:22 am

motskyroonmatick wrote:
Mon Sep 06, 2021 4:33 pm
It was pretty awesome. The first morning (Saturday) on playa I stepped out of the travel trailer and counted 75 camps in a 180 degree sweep. The more playa than camps ended shortly after that. It was great to spend the first few days with my GF and putter around setting up camp and taking it easy. That was a really nice time. The most ethically questionable thing I saw out there was the dogs running around not leashed and not healed to their owners. There were people driving at irresponsible speeds through the camping area throughout the time I was there. Lots of people just don't understand the danger involved with that. I never once saw shit on the ground....plenty of piss spots though. It was really refreshing to set up camp unconstrained. It got cold at night so it was fun to have a fire. It was really great for everyone in camp to be able to drive the golf cart around on missions or to sight see. All in all the people seemed more nice that usual and pretty much everyone we talked to demonstrated that they got it. I got to act as placement as I had the camp data on my GPS app and a few people stopped by asking where they were. Saw some old friends, met Doc Pyro and adopted some campers. Also did one of my best Playa repairs by reinstalling a valve push rod on to a rocker arm as it had fell down on the job and was not functioning. That was an interesting diagnosis process. It was a great time and it was fun to have more spacial freedom than doing a bordered theme camp yields.
YAAASS. Missed you and the Her Hoppisness.

Glad to hear your review. :)
Sham wrote:
Fri Sep 10, 2021 12:46 am
That was a friend of theirs screwing with them. The face plant was real.
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