ePlaya Migration: TONIGHT!

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ePlaya Migration: TONIGHT!

Post by spanky » Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:32 pm

Things have been moving forward with the new and improved eplaya and it's on track for the upgrade and transition.

The old server will be taken down at 7:00pm PST with the service planned to be resuming in 24 hours, but if all goes well, the down time will be much shorter. Security, timing and the old ailing servers must be taken down as soon as possible, and there may be some rough edges and bumps that need to be worked out on the new ePlaya. The two main goals are to stabilize and secure the ePlaya hardware and software and to preserve the older, existing posts and maintain the positive experience as much as possible.
Your patience and suggestions would be appreciated as things progress and come back to life.

I think everyone will be happy with the familiar look and navigation of the new ePlaya and especially all the old information being brought forward.
Make the best of your downtime with something creative and fun. Maybe start packing for your trip to the Black Rock City in just 2 months?

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