Updated Policies & New Commerce Forums

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Updated Policies & New Commerce Forums

Post by trilobyte » Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:25 am

I would like to announce a number of changes and updates to the site. To start with, we have updated the ePlaya Terms Of Service and Community Guidelines, and we have introduced a new Commerce Policy.

With that, we have created three new forums in the Show Your Support category where we allow limited commerce. We think this will help ePlaya to better serve the community as a planning resource, but in a way that keeps the boards from becoming littered with commerce and advertising.

What are the new boards?
They are: Recommendations, Playa Exchange, and Burnerpreneurs. We spell it out in plain language in the new Commerce Policy, and hope you'll agree that these new boards and policy changes make sense.

What else has changed?
In the wake of the above changes, we updated and changed a few other policies and guidelines. Specifically, our fundraiser guidelines and the commerce & advertising overview were updated. We also added an article on how to opt out of seeing ticketing or support/commerce posts, consolidated the ePlaya Feedback board, added a Commerce FAQ, and created a feedback thread for you to share your feedback or ask questions about the new policies.

I know, that's a whole lot of links for one announcement. As you can see, though, most of that is all connected and I thought it would be better to provide you links to all the relevant updates and changes in one place.


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