Australia is Burning

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Australia is Burning

Post by some seeing eye » Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:39 pm

BRC had a bushfire to the South closing the road. Many burners live in the US West and have fires. Many cannot get fire insurance. Of course Katrina hit burners and BWB responded. Flood insurance will get harder.

Australia is an indicator. They understood the atmosphere losing UV blocking because of us. They understood the loss of reefs because of us. They understand the increase of bushfires because of us.

Reach out to OZ burners and help if you can. Probably many benefit opportunities. Follow Australia news.

(Australia is the US fossil fuel extraction country equivalent to the US fossil fuel extraction states. But that does not mean they don't need help and their burners don't need support. They have their own carbon responsibility, by flying, of course.)
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Re: Australia is Burning

Post by Token » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:33 pm

Australia for some geospatial reason got the shit end of the stick with global warming.

The global departure of temperatures from days of lower carbon and methane concentration hovers around 0.13C per decade increase.


The past 4 decades we done gone up ~ 0.5C more or less on an average global scale.

But Australia ...


They are at 1.5C rise already.

So anyone looking to see what we may get to at some point when we globally reach 1.5C e - the Aussies will have some tales to tell us.

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