Money: for profit / low profit BM-like abounds

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Money: for profit / low profit BM-like abounds

Post by some seeing eye » Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:23 pm

Creative events go back forever.

There are for profit experience groups like M* W* (friends there) and offshoots (founded by friends) of BRC in California like L* D* & L*B out of LA.

Land festivals like Bonnar** has been bought by Live Nation - Liberty, Coachella is owned by AEG. EDC is a conglomerate.

Now it's a thing in more cities ... t-nyc.html. I wish I'd experienced Tama Janowitz' Slaves of NY warehouse experience.

So we need to articulate what is specifically different about BRC and regionals. And we need to make special the non-commercial flavor of the event.

Why are we different?
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