connectivity to the outside world? Separation?

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connectivity to the outside world? Separation?

Post by Steel Kitty » Sat Sep 09, 2006 9:43 am

How do you feel about connections to the outside world? Cell phones? Electricity? Services?

"Does it bring us together, or draw us apart?" is the question I think you should ask in considering whether to bring a technology out here on the Playa. My personal belief is that cell-phones and wi-fi only serve to connect your very small group and almost prevent you from walking over and talking to a neighbor (why, when you can call your friend to come over?)

I read this article (from another post here on eplaya)

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what a great article:

In a way, you could substitute Burning Man for the Amish in this paragraph and it would ring true:

To the obvious question why allow Amish electricity but not public electricity, Amos answered slowly and deliberately, "The Bible teaches us not to conform to the world, to keep a separation. Connecting to the electric lines would make too many things too easy. Pretty soon, people would start plugging in radios and televisions, and that's like a hot line to the modern world. We use batteries and generators because you can use the batteries for only a short time and because you have to fuel and maintain the generator yourself. It's a way of controlling our use of electricity. We try to restrict things that would lead to us losing that sense of being separate, to put the brakes on how fast we change."

Don't get hung up on the Bible quote.. but Burning Man IS a separation from the outside world. It is where you can be free to be YOU -- without interference from the outside world.. it's why we ALL go to the playa.

Your thoughts?[/url]
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