Turning your camp into a Non-Profit.

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Turning your camp into a Non-Profit.

Post by alienfry » Sun Oct 01, 2006 3:35 pm

I'm thinking of incorporating our camp, making it a 501c3 non-profit that raises money for our art projects and gives grants to charities that our campmates have volunteered at or have been involved in.


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diane o'thirst
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Post by diane o'thirst » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:41 pm


My camp director isn't on the E-Playa but Safer Sex Camp has a very community-minded, service-oriented mission statement. We get our goods from public-service groups whenever possible. I'm thinking I'll run this idea past Robert and see what he thinks about it...

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Post by Kinetic IV » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:54 pm

There's a lot involved in setting up a Non-Profit...make sure you have plenty of Tagamet and Excedrin on hand. I like your idea but I'm not sure how well it would fly, our NP was setup for different reasons than what you're proposing and it has been a major pain in the ass with hoops on top of hoops to jump through.

One thing I do know is before you can apply for non-profit status you have to establish a corporation / LLC somewhere. Nevada and Wyoming are two good states to do it in. I went with Wyoming because it's cheaper and less hassle so far. I won't post the name here but the company I used to incorporate with has taken great care of me over the years through multiple projects...if you're interested PM me for details.

Also while BM operates in NV don't let that fact influence your decision on where to start up at. Also as I've had questions getting things up and running the NOLO series of legal books have been invaluable. Beyond that I'll shut up and let others weigh in with advice.
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