possible art car base --please delete this outdated thread

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possible art car base --please delete this outdated thread

Post by jocelyn » Thu Dec 11, 2003 4:36 pm

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not...

this might be a good starter car for a little art car:

this person is selling an '81 honda civic with 90000 mi on in for $200
(bay area). They say that it probably has a fuel intake problem and since
I know there are many car people on here who know how to fix a dusty
fuel system I thought I'd give you the head's up:


(p.s. I don't know this person and have no more info than the ad)

81 Honda Civic 90k Miles WONT START - $200

Reply to: see below
Date: 2003-12-11, 3:52PM

Selling a 1981 Honda Civic.Car has 90,000 original miles.Have all service records since day one.Car ran up until about 2 weeks ago.It has started a few times since but not everytime therefore im selling it as a WONT START type deal.I am 98% sure it is a carburator/fuel problem keeping it from running.All 4 tires are new.Current CA registration and clean title comes with the car.

Fix the problem and you wil have a car that will last another 200k miles.Not a brand new car but with little amount of money itll serve the purpose.

Car is located at and can bee seen there at anytime
1555 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara CA 95054

If interested you can call me at 408-420-3003
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Post by dj_john69 » Fri Jan 09, 2004 10:54 pm


Are you happy Badger ?? Sorry, i wasnt thinking earlier...word.
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Post by Badger » Sat Jan 10, 2004 11:14 am

The commerce thing (i.e. selling) is NOT a cool thing to be doing here - regardless of your reasons or intent.
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Post by Bob » Mon Jan 12, 2004 2:08 am

Maybe it's Bill Carson's Honda.

You-know-who's ended up in a dumpster.
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Post by Chimp » Mon Jan 19, 2004 6:39 am

Hi all, this is a blatant crossthread attempt to push certain crossthread irritants to the bottom of the pile.

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please delete this thread

Post by jocelyn » Tue Feb 24, 2004 2:43 am

Hey all,
I didn't mean to miss-post this message, plus the car is probably no longer available as this was started a long time ago. I also didn't mean any offense by posting a link to an ad...maybe the car could be gifted (I don't know...if it was my responsibility to ask the seller if they were willing to gift it then I appologize for not doing it before posting). I just thought that if I had the knowledge/resources to build an art car of my own that I would appreciate someone leading me in a good starting direcion.
I don't really understand how this would "less cool" to post than other threads considering the numerous ads for tickets that come before the event (especially those that end up being above cost). I see the difference in those ads being in their own forum so people who didn't want to read ads didn't have to. Whether we like it or not, we do need access to outside resoures to make the community work, maybe there should be a forum for it (if there already is one, I appologize for not posting it there --I can't find it...maybe it's title should be clearer). I do understand how a billion people pointing out items for sale would make most eplaya's unhappy and I won't do it again.
I am saddened by the negativity of the replys. For me it "ruins the community feeling" probably as much as or more than it offends people who have read it. I'm not asking for this place to be all hugs and kisses. It just sucks to taint the overall joy I get when thinking about and looking forward to my annual trek to be with good people in a good place. I hate having to fear that what I post will offend people so much that it angers them enough to reply. I don't want to make anyone unhappy, and appologize to those I've obviously angered --hurting you was not my intention. I am new to this new forum and I understand that most people here don't know what kind of person I am. Whether you take my word or not, I can only say that I'm a strong believer in self-responsibility and not hurting/taking advantage of others and am just looking for others like me. So I am taking responsibility for my error in this case and request that this thread be deleted. I just want it to be clear that I wasn't trying to sell anyone anything.
Please, before you negatively reply to this post...think about what it accomplishes. If you think that your posting outweighs the saddening effect that it will have on me than it must be important and I must respect your decision.

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Post by technopatra » Tue Feb 24, 2004 2:33 pm

Hi Jocelyn-

I want to thank you for your post. You obviously feel deeply about the community, and you stood up, took your licks (some perhaps deserved, some definitely not), and accepted responsibility for your mistake, and that makes you not only a cool Burner, but a real mensch in my book.

We hadn't a well-defined policy on posting ads for anything, so I do not feel you should beat yourself up over this. Commerce is a VERY touchy subject with this crowd, and the lack of a definite policy on posting ads apparently made some folks feel like they had free rein to get all righteous with you. (Tho to be honest, those replies were pretty mild.)

I think that your response is a valuable reference for how someone can conduct themselves with grace under fire. I'd prefer to freeze it and keep it around for a case study of community reaction.

There are a couple things, however, that I'd like to clarify:

1 - Posting someone else's personal info on the eplaya for any reason is not ok. The guy who posted to craigslist has the power to delete the posting when it no longer serves his purpose. He doesn't have that option here. Spiders will trawl the site for usabl emeail addresses and add him to spam lists. This is common knowledge among much of our community, but it was my mistake to not make that clear for those who are new to bbs'. I will edit your original post to delete this info.

2 - We have made a policy to disallow any commerce here. It creates needless hassles and contention among the community when they already have better resources. Craigslist does craigslist better than we ever could. Plus having any commerce opens us to spammers, and we don't have the manpower to monitor the boards to keep them off. A blanket "no commerce" policy protects us.

I appreciate your inclination to share what sounded like a good deal, and I don't feel you were wrong in doing so - I think if a burner comes across something that sounds good to them, that they themselves are obviously not seeing, you should have every right to. This is another reason why I don't want to delete the thread.

The policies we will be posting tomorrow will, hopefully, prevent such fuzxy areas that can lead to this kind of inpleasant interaction. I'd be happy to talk about this more if you'd like. Please fel free to PM me if you want to.

eplaya admin

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