Should Burning Man enact Sex Laws?

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Postby DVD Burner » Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:54 am


You're not going?

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Postby Selkie » Tue Jul 27, 2004 6:40 am

Rian Jackson wrote:I don't think i can take this thread.

A) I'm sitting at work, and
B) My s.o. will not be on playa..... it's already driving me crazy! How am i going to survive the week?!?!

How 'bout this for a sex law: those who can't have sex on playa 'cause their partners aren't in BRC get lots of good backrubs....

I feel your pain. My SO declined to go so I'm flying solo and trying to keep from inviting people into my pants.

We can get together and just trade backrubs until we explode. :)
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Should Burning Man enact Sex Laws?

Postby Imagigrl » Tue Jul 27, 2004 8:54 am

You know, I didn't see that there was a problem with sex on the playa. People were very discreet so there was no public exhibition... hey, it's not like Ibiza. Anyway, no there should not be any "law" per se as much as a friendly reminder that public acts outside of heavy petting (no genital stimulation in public) can lead to arrest by local law enforcement so beware. Otherwise, if you're going stagg at this year's freak fest then remember... masturbation is an art! Try to perfect your art of masturbation then try out your new skills on your s.o. upon your return to the "real world." Here's to "getting lucky" with your own damn self!!! :twisted:

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Postby Apollonaris Zeus » Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:41 am

Rian Jackson wrote:
What's that made-up stat about the percentage of backrubs leading to sex?

From my own personal obervations, 100%!

I guess its because the back extends into a prime G spot.

Remember Law: 802.123.33 Paragraph 3

"All Participant withholding nookie will be not be reinvited next year."

Holding back your sexual self and blaming it on your absent lover is a sin anyway and you will rot in hell! There's no sex in hell but lots of group sex in heaven!

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