Burning Van

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Burning Van

Post by Frankenstipe » Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:37 am

Do not plan to Burn the Man
Just pack what you needy and please don’t be greedy
For soon you will see, things that make you Squee

If you do not know of which I speak
Do not worry, it is only a week
Your mind will be fine, your body will be worn
After what you’ve seen, you’ll soon be reborn

So do not fret about all your gear
Just sit back and enjoy your beer
Forget all the things that make you worry
Just find something soft and fury

And when you think you’ve had enough
Just stay strong and try and be tough
For the guest of honor has yet to arrive
So do hold on and try and survive

When he has appeared out of the haze
You can sure bet he will soon be ablaze
And when he has fallen from his glorious pillar
This line here is just for filler

And after all that smoke has cleared
Things are sure to seem a little weird
For when you do not have a guiding light
Things might seem not too all right

But if you set your eyes just past
You will soon see that the best is last
They call it The Temple for various reasons
Many of which just don’t rhyme

Yet we set this shrine on fire
Much to our dismire
I gotta be honest, I’m done with rhyming this shit really sucks


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Re: Burning Van

Post by bluesbob » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:54 am

Too bad..."sucks" rhymes with so many words.
"aw shucks.." - Eric

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