Burning during War?

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Is BM a debaucherous flight from reality?

Poll ended at Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:54 am

Yes - Maybe I should reconsider going, since we are at WAR
Yes, but it's just some time off. I mean, GW has taken more time off than any president in recent history, and he's a WAR president
No - Burning Man is about more than fun. It's about love and beauty and creativity, and we are going to effect peace by having fun and being creative in the desert.
No - I support the war and trust the troops to protect me while I take a vacation.
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Dude, chill.
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Postby alienfry » Thu Aug 19, 2004 7:07 pm

um. i imagine that if i were pro the war, it HONORS our soldiers to utilize our freedom they are "protecting."

then again im not for the war, i think it's actually making us more vulnerable, and after a week of dust, om, booze, tunes, dance, dope, oming some more, and hopefully some figure drawing . . .


what are we talking about again?

oh yea. um. burn on. war or not.
awesome oppossum

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