Cliff Notes

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Cliff Notes

Postby Spokes » Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:52 pm

Don't have time to post across 30 threads? Wrap it up here.

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Postby Spokes » Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:54 pm

Wow and Light Bright with the roving LBDers.
Absolute goddesses spinning poi in the whiteout at the Wednesday night burn fiasco.
Being momentarily in the presence of Harriet.
Iced Vietnamese coffee.
Romping with FJ and the romp squad.
Group hugs with Nipples, Booker and Desert Pearll.
Piewacket and Sin.
The Observatory.
Campmates taking delight in making me up like a doll.
Bondage class with Melanie.
Meeting at least a few eplayans.
Sunrise at the Temple.
Chloe and Lucky's wedding.
The Mermen.
The hundreds of people trusting enough to open up and swallow the tequila we shot in their mouth out of a chemical sprayer.
Henna for the road.
Pat and Alex.
Did I mention Desert Pearll?

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my summary

Postby dragonflyannie » Thu Sep 04, 2003 6:53 pm

Favorite experience: gifting my "burning book" to people i know and people i did not know, but now do =)
Favorite gift: Silver Man necklace gifted to me right before the man went up in flames
Favorite art: Desert Flower (dedicated to lost friend/burner, Court Demas)
Favorite Costume: the Chrysler Building guy was SOOO freakin' hilarious. I saw it just sitting there in a dust storm and thought, how the hell is that thing staying upright... it's not tied down or anything... then the next thing i knew it was walking away!
Worst experience: taking care of myself and STILL ending up dehydrated and in medical... bleh! I was fine after receiving four electrolyte pills, but while in there had to witness a grown woman bad trip... I mean she was bad.
Coolest experience: Being a temple guardian on Wednesday night/Thursday morning... I felt as though I was protecting the temple and meeting so many beautiful people in the process. I had a strange spiritual thing happen to me as I walked around the temple over and over... words can't explain... you'll just have to take my word for it.
Coolest place to hang out: I enjoyed the time I spent at The Renaulter. Also, Dragonfly Lagoon, TOTEM camp and the Temple of Honor Camp.. oh yeah, and Lite Brite Camp listening to Ara on Thursday night!

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