More Burning men in more places

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More Burning men in more places

Post by Deidzoeb » Wed Aug 25, 2004 3:39 pm

I'm listening to Larry Harvey on a radio show, wishing I could go to Burning Man, but wondering why we can't "franchise" the thing so to speak, share the burn. I wish there could be more sites with more Burning Men. For example, I've been clicking around the eplaya, looking up the regional info, and it appears to be groups of people in my region and others who are excited about sharing rides to go to the main Burning Man. Why haven't excited "burners" brought the idea home and started events nearby?

I realize the actual event of burning a giant effigy is easier to get away with in the middle of a desert, but couldn't we spread the idea, the temporary autonous zone to other places? There's no reason that this should be an event that lasts for only one week in only one spot out in the desert. It should be possible to make many zones at different times and thereby make the whole thing less temporary.

Are there other places where similar events are held? Is there a section of ePlaya that mentions similar events? I don't just mean a group of "Burners" from one state who hold meetings to plan for the next big Burning Man. I mean events similar to BM that happen elsewhere.

No offense to any of you who enjoy Burning Man -- I probably would go if I could swing it. But it reminds me a little of the Dead Kennedys song "Halloween", about people who get excited over one big event each year, allow themselves to get wild on that one day each year, and then go back to humdrum lives spent planning for next year. You can see the same effect with people who dress up for Star Trek conventions or Renaissance Festivals or even Civil War re-enactors. I don't mean to put any of those people down, or any of you who find yourselves in a similar rut when you're away from Burning Man. The solution is not to stop enjoying fun events, but finding ways to turn big hunks of our lives into fun events.

How can we spread the feeling to new locations so more people can participate?

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Post by Fat SAM » Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:39 pm

Become a raver, bub. Then you'll see life is one big event.

Don't become a promoter, though. That'll just make you cynical. Trust me.
Thanks to Addis, I had more free time.

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Post by Mithra » Wed Aug 25, 2004 11:20 pm

There are many, many Regional events, some with 50 people some with 500 to a few thousand. This has been going on for years. Have you been to Burning Man yet? If not get there, if yes, contact Andie Grace and let her know your interested in finding out more about the Regional program.


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Post by Roo » Thu Aug 26, 2004 2:33 am

Regionals are the way of the future.

I think we can build the same spirit, same vibe, the same brotherhood... Only actually more easily. You see, if you remove the fame of Burning Man from your event, you pretty much only get Burners. There are thousands of "yahoo"s that attend BM and usually they are the ones you hear complaints about. (drunken frat boys harassing girls, fights, Voyuer Video etc.)

Do a Regional at the right time of the year, inform your active artists and rockin' burner crowd and watch! You're out at a fantastic location, setting up amazing art and camping with hundreds or thousands(!) of friends and friends to be. It's not nearly as cop-laden or restrictive and doesn't require the GINORMOUS undertaking of hauling your stuff long distance cross country.

Yes, go to Burning Man. It's almost like a pilgrimage each year. But for crying out loud, go to the Regionals! They're just ripe with posibility.


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Re: More Burning men in more places

Post by bdongray » Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:04 am

Deidzoeb wrote:Why haven't excited "burners" brought the idea home and started events nearby?


Are there other places where similar events are held? Is there a section of ePlaya that mentions similar events?
For MidWest folks (although I think it is aimed at those from Chicago, like BM is aimed at people in SF), there is synchroniCity held in Kentucky - which maybe close enough for you. It was held in late July so you missed it this year. Some use the event as a see if I'm ready for BM, but some see it as an alternative. They are holding a burn on Sep 4-5 weekend, the same weekend as the BM burn.
I understand yearly membership (which gets you into the main event) was approximately $30.

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Post by theCryptofishist » Fri Aug 27, 2004 11:09 am

The regional section of this board is here:
Here's a lively looking thread about Michegan burners and local activities:
Here's some Chicagans trying to get together:
Looks like there was an event in Indiana last week:
As recently as yesterday there was a posting in this Minnesota thread:

Private message some of the posters and see what they are up to. I think that the regional contacts are available through the main site; e-mail them. Keep in mind that for the next2/3 weeks people are prepping for BM, going to BM, at BM, coming home for BM or recovering from BM. Action will pick up later, when they start setting up local decompressions. Go to you local decompression and start meeting people. then make it happen.

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Post by Ugly Dougly » Fri Sep 03, 2004 11:46 am

Great idea!

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The Burning Man Regional groups

Post by andi » Sun Sep 12, 2004 5:03 pm


My name is Andi and I am the Hawaii Regional Contact. We have had 5 or so 2-3 day events here on Oahu over the past 2 years of our exisistence, but we are one of the youngest Regionals. Flipside in Austin is the reigning champion in terms of size (1500 or so) but there are a bunch of others all over the place and much more coming. Your best resource is the Regionals section of the Burning Man website (, the info is a little out of date but it will point you to the closest Regional group. There are over 25 multi-day art events put on by various Regionals right now. Get involved with your Regional, they are about more than getting burners ready to go to the playa, they are also the core of the local burner community. Of course each Regional is independent and does things their own way, there is also tremendous diversity when it comes to organization and philosophy.

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