World Changing Projects

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Reed B
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World Changing Projects

Postby Reed B » Sun Sep 07, 2003 11:14 pm

After reading and responding on Sustainable Burning Man, I realized that one of the things I was looking for at Burning Man were others with thoughts and plans that went far beyond those capacious boundaries at Burning Man -- which boundaries on a world scale are geographically insignificant, but potentially in the realms of thought-leadership could indeed be world scale.

I.e., who here has something or another of a plan to change the world for the better? I personally am interested in all such plans from the most pragmatic for the layperson (the smile, the responding to the outstretched hand, the rearing of a child) to the specialties of one or another professional (a musician, documentarian, movie producer, script writer, visual artist, etc. telling an inspiring and educational story that enriches the human spirit, or perhaps an entrepreneur who sees a better identity for society's corporate structures).

Some basics underlying my view of the world are:

- if everything were lemon jello then there would be no choice (and no life) -- so life is identical to choice, aka freedom

- how we share is a choice that defines us as individuals and as society, and structures that enhance sharing succeed in evolution

- joy succeeds in evolution

- good is defined by those things successful in evolution

- the hearts of corporations need work, are getting attention -- yet need more attention

- visionary corporate leaders are required to expand corporate hearts -- not only visionary in the basics of one or another of the growing corporate sectors of today, but also visionary in the fundamentals of humanity ...

Take the World Changing Project challenge. Ask yourself what you can do that will touch others positively on a world scale. Or simply ask yourself if you care, and if you do, then begin to think about the former question and don't be surprised if it takes years to come up with anything viable. If you are eager to promote someone else's vision with personal or financial resources, why not share that information too?

Wouldn't it be an incredible blessing for the world if A and B got together from Burning Man, where A is one of the uncommon thoughts that will render the world a better and more humane/livable/joyful place, and B is the empowerment to put A into place? I had a lot of small A + B experiences at Burning Man, and would love to see a big hit come from this (by the way, I have my own idea for a kick ass A, already vetted at initial levels by past-technology-visionary validators, but I seek a greater dimensionality for birthing if anyone knows a burner with bucks, brain, and a heart for society... the space is new communication technology and service development, and the meta-space is the frontier of corporations with balance between mind and heart).

May your steps on and off the playa be blessed with little dehydration and sufficient rest!


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Postby TestesInSac » Mon Sep 08, 2003 9:50 am

Quoting Bob: "It's just a fucking, camping, trip."

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Postby Zane5100 » Mon Sep 08, 2003 10:09 am

casnimot wrote:Quoting Bob: "It's just a fucking, camping, trip."

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Postby TestesInSac » Mon Sep 08, 2003 10:13 am

Zane5100 wrote:
casnimot wrote:Quoting Bob: "It's just a fucking, camping, trip."


Good to see ya back!

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I think change is good...

Postby Last Real Burner » Thu Dec 04, 2003 8:51 pm


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