Podcast looking for Love Stories From Dust to Default

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Podcast looking for Love Stories From Dust to Default

Post by lotusofthewest » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:42 am

Hey Burners,

This summer, I’m producing a three-part podcast series for The Burning Man Journal, working title “Burning Love.” The series will explore what happens when people fall for each other on playa and work to ferry their love that from that world to this.

First episode: a happily ever after burning love story.
Second episode: playa love that later crashed and...burned.
Third episode: a story of some love that's completely different.

Does your story fit one of these bills? I'm especially on the hunt for stories featuring a big fail but perhaps yielding some important wisdom, or some totally wonky, windy path like marrying a playa lover, divorcing them, then remarrying them. Or something.

Sound like your life?

Let's talk.


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