Privately funded, publicly shared art as investment

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Privately funded, publicly shared art as investment

Post by timeless » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:07 am

After a life time of creating and studying the effects of public monuments on society I'm of the opinion that not all good public art is publicly funded. There is life outside Bmorg/NEA funding for the arts and a world full of more diverse and effective art it is too! There are other ways than begging for donations to fund playa projects! Art, in and of itself has value that can ripen as it seasons in a notorious community like ours. Appraisers call that provenance and it places a special value on art. Name something you own that becomes more valuable the more you share it. Art has that property and the Burning Community should leverage it.

I liked the sub theme for Da Vinci's workshop. All about private money driving the Italian renaissance. I submit that private funding can create more diversity and purer art than community funding ever will, all while the art itself becomes more valuable! Not all art, but some of it. Investors will always have to be careful but durable, publicly shared art maintained by the artist, in most cases only ripens in value. Here's an investment that's insurable and non regulated too, a tax-free store of wealth that hides out and accrues just by doing its job.

I've actually created an investment/funding model that Larry has called "a virtuous circle" and Caveat published a whole article about it! I've had moderate success with Default investors but I need to tap into Burner money for the idea to really flower. After all "Fundiversify" was created in, for and about the Burning Community, just like the art we create. There's a whole, detailed section on our website ( about Fundiversify. Please see and share with our capable friends! I believe it could help drive a renaissance if this catches on...
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