Performance space on espl. available, music, movies, more.

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Performance space on espl. available, music, movies, more.

Post by Rev. Tastyfresh » Tue Aug 10, 2004 6:55 pm

We at Automatic Subconscious have a stage and pa available to and bands, musicians and artists that need or want a place to perform.
(you may have to provide your own mics)

We also have a large (movie theater size) screen and PA available for any filmmakers that would like to show their movie(s)

Last year we opened up our space and showed many amazing movies, had some amazing groups perform (mixtape from mars for example), firespinnersm videofeedback, etc...

If you would like to perform or share your art.. drop me a line

our website


Rev. Tastyfresh

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i'm there man

Post by carpetface » Sat Aug 14, 2004 11:58 am

howdy! CARPETFACE here -London hiphop/funk/reggae producer/singer/MC/beatboxer - i'll be at the festival until 2nd september and would be extra happy to do a live set for you guys - very danceable conscious mix of the above genres - got a mic too! just need a cd deck for my backing tracks -also if there's any hiphop MC's you know who want to do stuff over beatboxing i'm up for that too in a large way!, plus i've got some folk and blues etc material but no guitar!!.....
.y'all can check my site if ya like to see what i'm all about and what some mags have said about my tunes.
CARPETFACE (one man band) -have mic, will travel!!!


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