add to our esplanade camp...

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add to our esplanade camp...

Post by jeffluvvv » Mon Aug 23, 2004 7:33 pm

Hi! We are thinking of adding a few people to our camp....
Luv-a-fair camp is a personals ads for the esplanade; people wander by, they sit on our couches and write a bit about themselves on our clipboarded form(sometimes a lot, sometimes it takes real thought), we take a pic and it goes up on our board for all to see, dream about, leave messages for, or any of a myriad of reasons people are so attracted to the semi-anonymous-exposure allure and fun of personals!!
We are small to start with (5-6 people), an RV, nice props, neon sign ...
We're all pretty self contained and don't need a lot of intfrastructural intercampmate interaction; no community kitchen, etc.
We are 30's, very laid back--professional types in the real world, play cool jazzy house type tunes, no frat parties but lovvve a good cocktail and get together. We all have our own environments within this camp, and there are no requirements except politeness, fun and Leave no trace! We have a little extra esplanade view real estate available for someone or sometwo or three if you will hang out for a few dedicated hours during the day meeting and greting passers by, chatting, schmoozing, offering drinks, flirting, smiling, being happy.... Ohyeh also to hand people a form and snap a pic which I print on my printer. It is truly a great people meeting gig.
We are in Sac and are planning to arrive Saturday or Sunday.
If you want to chat more email me


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