Frisbee on the Playa!

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Frisbee on the Playa!

Postby playadoc » 12 years ago

I put it in the What Where When (I hope), but wanted to let y'all know...

4:20-8:00p daily - "Inside" of the Esplanade at the 9:00 keyhole.

... in case any of you wanna get yer disc on.


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Postby DVD Burner » 12 years ago

Well shit.....I was looking for frisbee on the eplaya! :shock: :P

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Postby Sandwichman » 12 years ago

I fucking missed it.....

I had my disc and was ready to throw.

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Postby Gothalot » 12 years ago

Ya 04 I brought mine as well. I did notice it was rather hot though and windy. I think a hub cap would have combated the weight issue better. Oh well theres always 05.

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Postby shitmouse » 12 years ago

i'm in.

i have frisbee sessions on the playa at least 4 times during the week between working and everything else. i'm king of the floater! i can deliver a frizbee so smooth, people at orange julius get all up-in-arms.

some of my throws are: -(named by yours truly)

- american cheese: a lifeless, straight flying friz that's not too fast. the american-picket-fence-grossly-overly-friendly throw.

- teen camp: when your thrower flubs and the throw ends up being like a giant wave hello. named after some of my teen's throws. -(i used to be a teen camp counselor)

- the saw blade: is usually the end product of a "teen camp" throw. the friz ends up on it's side blazing across the ground at you or away from you.

- the floater: used to be refered to as "air brushing" in old-school california friz culture when a lone player would throw into the wind at the beach then brush it with your hand to keep the spin. the floater however is when you throw into the wind (most winds are fine) and over your partners head so it floats down into their hands.

- the black-eye or jumper: is when you throw into the wind but try to get it to fly straight or parallel to the ground. it'll slice the wind up and down and can put a total juke on your partner trying to catch it. it can jump right into thier face at the last second and give a black eye.

- sidewinder: when you throw a half-circle to your partner, not throwing straight ahead, but way around the side. good one for newbies to catch.

- the dangerous backhand: named after my step-father, this throw is the usual back-hand throw that can launch the friz quite a distance. if not done right, your partner goes for a hike.

i'll bring my friz. put another reminder here when the playa time is closer. yeah bubba.
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