announcing.... the DISORIENT lineup for 2004

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announcing.... the DISORIENT lineup for 2004

Post by The Bass » Thu Aug 26, 2004 3:45 pm

DISORIENT 2004 ------------- 10:00 & Mercury

________________THE LINEUP__________

MON - House, House on the Range
(Disorient DJ's, featuring DJ ORION!)

TUES - Space Cowboys Invasion
(D&B, Breaks & House from Miranda, Smoove, and more)

WEDS - Breaks, Techno, & Trance (by popular demand)
(DJ Seven, DJ Sleep Dep, dawn psy-trance set by The Eye)

(Hamsa Lila!!!! then DJ Loren!!!!!!! then Hamsa Lila again!!!! amazing!!!!)

FRI - Return Of House
(Green Gorilla (Manny & Alex) vs. Pink Mammoth (Ryel K. & Sunder))

SAT - The Roof (of heaven) Is On Fire
(Pounding Playa house with Big Jimmy Fingers - DJ Laird - and a Special Sunrise set by DJ ORION!!)

SUN - Chill & Groove with $mall ¢hange
NYC's inimitable $mall ¢hange and DJ Shakey play you out

10:00 & Mercury
near the very, very small orange sign


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