Random Pizza Experience - The Update

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Random Pizza Experience - The Update

Post by tundratommy » Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:14 am

We have 2 days until departure. They key pieces are falling into place. It seems like the playa will provide, even off the playa…but with a little more effort. Reminder, Random Pizza Experience will be at 2:30 and Mercury.

What is Random Pizza Experience

For a few years, I’ve been ruminating on creating an interactive performance experience for Burning Man. The center for the experience will be a camp, but the experience is playa-wide. The Idea: Random Pizza Experience.

The basic ideas is to randomly deliver pizzas throughout the playa to individuals and groups who not have “ordered” pizzas, but who, perhaps upon deeper soul searching realize that they had indeed “called” out for a pizza. And we answered their call. We - the members of the Random Pizza Community.

The pizza box has on the outside, a mapped location for the center of the Random Pizza Experience and asks that they return the box marking on the box where they were when they got the pizza. If they’d like to write something on the box about themselves or their thoughts they had while eating pizza they are welcome.

Back at HQ we’ll track where the cumulative movements of the pizza. For reasons that won’t be entirely clear for some time.

DANGER: Self-indulgent semi-art validation below!!!
In a possibly slightly cheesy way, this random pizza delivery experience shows how we’re all part of a great community: the Random Pizza Community. And how the moment when people share pizza randomly is a time mark of a crossing of stories. The delivery person, who randomly rode by a camp and became randomly became a pizza delivery person, to the pizza maker to the pizza eater who all engaged in this experience randomly, but who can later use it as a time marker for their mutual experience. In a way it is a line that binds all the stories in the pizza community. Whatever. But maybe?

As for how you “get a pizza” it’s pretty simple: make 2 pizzas (or more) and keep one for yourself/group. Using a laminated pizza instruction sheet anyone can make a pizza. So all the pizza making labor is provided randomly. Of course making, pizza by members of the Random Pizza Community are always appreciated.

Update: Friday, Aug. 27

I’ve decided to go with Gas Grills for the oven. Last night’s test was successful. Yummy! The final pizza count is at least 180 pizzas. It is possible that more people will randomly bring more ingredients. Don’t worry, I’m bringing pepperoni.

All I need now is another grill and coolers. If you, random members of the Pizza Community want to help the simplest way (other than making and taking pizzas on the playa) would be to bring ingredients. If you like mushrooms, bring those. Or whatever you have. If you want to provide pizzas for others, 10 Pizzas cost $26.00 from Trader Joes and CostCo. Shopping list below.

For those of you who like the details here’s everything I’m planning to bring. Anything missing?

Required elements of Random Pizza Experience

2 gas grills (4 pizza capacity total)
25 Gallons of Propane (400 pizza total)

Minor Pizza accoutrement
Pizza Stones
Pizza Cutters
14” Pizza Pans
Wax paper
14” boxes
Flour & rolling Pins

Ingredient Supply
Sunday – 120 pizzas
Thursday – 60 pizzas
More? Random Community Delivery

10 Pack Pizza Shopping List
1 - 5lb bag of shredded mozzarella $10.
1 - 2 pack of Prego Sauce $6.
10 - bags of Trader Joe’s dough $10.

Total $26.

Deliver to 2:30 & Mercury C/O Black Rock Real Estate, ideally in a small cooler.

If you pick up in Reno, no refrigeration is required. Probably would be fine from the Bay Area too.

Much thanks to the many members of the Random Pizza community who have already helped get this going.

We'll have plenty of shade for you to enjoy while your pie bakes. Stop on by for a Random Pizza Experience. See you on the playa!

Tundra Tommy

tom (at) kramertown (dot) com

el alacrán
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Post by el alacrán » Thu Sep 30, 2004 2:41 pm

Gents, you did a wonderful job of doing a wonderful thing with that pizza out there this year. I was one of the Pilots' Lounge beneficiaries and words can barely begin to describe how good that 'za tasted. Thanks!!!

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Post by Tuatha » Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:08 pm

I agrree with el alacrán, I owe you guys a deep hearted Thank you, and a You guys ROCK!

You delivered to us on the wednesday during the massive dust storm, at Camp Flamingo. Its sure is amazing what that dust storm blows in :)

http://www.webfroot.co.nz/fnord/gallery ... 4/DSC02443
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