Contact Info for Cubitron Creators?

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Mark Hinkley
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Contact Info for Cubitron Creators?

Postby Mark Hinkley » Thu Sep 09, 2004 10:29 am

I was thrilled by the Cubitron, the cube with the grid of color-changing ping pong balls. None of the art that was registered in the last weeks of the registration period has been updated on the website yet, does anybody know who created that marvel or how to get in touch with them?

I stood there watching the patterns and thought it is just a matter of time before those ping pong balls are pixel-sized and pixel-spaced and we are watching 3d television. My companion remarked that BM is like a new World's Fair of new technology and its applications. In that vein, we turned away from our amaze at the Cubitron to be treated to a dj's set on the Space Cowboy's Unimog, with audio and visual broadcast live from Bali.

Mad props to Cubitron and its creators. I hope they will bring their beautiful project out to some of the regional decoms and events.

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